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Holiday gifting insights for a successful brand campaign

The holiday season is the perfect time of the year to enrich relationships with clients, prospects, partners and employees. A well-executed strategic holiday gift campaign with a strategy and purpose generates meaningful impact and creates a lasting impression. Curating a gifting campaign for the holidays or any occasion is an opportunity to showcase your brand and what’s important to your organization. Consider these key insights when developing your holiday gifting strategy:

1. Elevate the presentation and brand experience.

Concepting is an exciting phase and when the vision for your holiday gift takes shape. Paying special attention to these four areas will ensure a memorable gift experience for your recipients:

Purposeful theming

Understanding your desired outcomes is key. What emotions do you want to evoke? What company values do you want to incorporate? What do you want your audience to do after receiving the gift? Take the time to answer these important questions to ensure your gifting campaign is propelled by purpose.

Gift curation

Instead of relying on what worked before, consider new trends and treasures that will inspire and delight. Source an assortment of options that align with your goals, values, theme and audience. It is important to curate a selection of gifts that will create a lasting and positive impression for your brand.

Packaging design

Use visual storytelling to bring the holiday experience to life through vibrant, customized packaging that echoes your branding and evokes a desired emotional response from your audience. A strategic holiday gift ensures every piece of collateral is meticulously crafted to elevate the prestige factor, complement your theme and create a magical experience.

Strategic messaging

Considering all the elements in play, develop a variety of messaging options that convey the story to your audience. Through every written touchpoint, your goal should be to weave a cohesive thread between your brand, your audience and your theme—ultimately inspiring your recipients and generating brand affinity.

2. Create a connection with every member of your audience.

Meet your audience where they are to ensure an inclusive experience. Just as most organizations have embraced a hybrid approach, the same considerations should be applied to holiday gifting. Digital components can bring your theme to life, encourage audience interaction and increase engagement. Using technology to complement the physical gift enhances the overall gifting experience through the best of both worlds.

Creating a digital gifting experience can sound overwhelming, especially when creating a physical gift may be a challenge all on its own. This may be the time to lean on the expertise of others. At Augeo, we’ve created everything from virtual pop-up shops and interactive 3D gifting halls to digital gifting platforms, e-cards, digital swag and more. As experts in strategic gifting and Experience Design, we elevate the gifting experience for every audience—including hybrid, in-person and virtual.

3. Curate a quality gifting campaign within your budget.

Regardless of your budget, you have some decisions to make. Do you want all your recipients to receive the same gift, or does there need to be some nuance? You may be inclined to dedicate more spend on gifts to your current clients and partners than potential leads—or vice versa. Considering a tiered approach to your gifting strategy through audience segmentation can provide you with the flexibility, scalability and optionality you need.

When planning business gifts for the holidays, Employee Appreciation Day, your next corporate conference or any other occasion that warrants a spectacular gifting experience, keep these three key insights top of mind. They will ensure that you are supporting your larger brand goals and creating a meaningful and lasting impact for your giftees—and they will thank you for it!

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