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The time to integrate appreciation into your organization is now.

Celebrate your employees to empower stronger engagement and community

Easy for you, meaningful for them

Drive employee advocacy with rewarding experiences and authentic recognition

Incentives & rewardsRecognitionAdvocacy
Incentives & rewards

Motivate & inspire your team

Express your gratitude and strengthen connections with rewards that provide emotional enrichment and experiential opportunities.


Gift cards

Provide instant access to gift cards from more than 4,200 of the world’s leading merchants—including popular local and national retailers and restaurants.


Enable employees to redeem loyalty currencies for a wide selection of custom-sourced items, company swag and brand-name merchandise—including home, tech, jewelry, wellness and fragrances.


Differentiate your offering with incredible travel rewards that make it easy for users to book flights, hotels, cars, cruises and activities worldwide.

Social impacts

Empower your employees to make donations to charitable causes through loyalty currency redemptions fueled by integrated microgiving partnerships.

Digital assets

Capitalize on the surging demand for blockchain-enabled experiences by giving users the ability to redeem for exclusive NFTs and other digital collectibles.


Inspire employees and spark affinity with unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences like whitewater rafting, skydiving, food tastings and other popular lifestyle activities.


Transform employees into passionate brand ambassadors and broaden visibility of your organization by enabling the redemption of custom rewards and branded swag.

Live events

Amplify experiences with tickets to sporting events, Broadway plays, concerts, comedy shows and more—over 100,000 live events at any one time.

Appreciate. Recognize. Value. Inspire.
Appreciate. Recognize. Value. Inspire.
Employee recognition

Feel the impact of people-first experiences

Ignite a culture of gratitude, strengthen engagement and transform people journeys with experiences and AI-powered connection technology.

engagement rate in recognition-focused organizations1
savings in annual turnover costs for large companies with a culture of recognition2
of intensely loyal employees say recognition is embedded in the company culture2
1Harvard Business Review
Employee advocacy

Transform employee enthusiasts into brand ambassadors

Amplify your Employee Appreciation Day celebrations across the leading social platforms.

Authentic brand advocacy​

Inspire your teams to take their enthusiasm for your company to social media, enabling authentic advocacy with tangible impact to recruitment, engagement and retention.

Intuitive content creation

Make it easy for your teams to celebrate your company, culture and people with intuitive content creation tools that extend
your influence in hyper-local communities.

Brand-safety technology

Ignite the creation of employee-generated content at scale in a way that protects your company and brand—leveraging AI to automate your reputation management.

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