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3 strategies & technologies to boost your brand's influence

How to advance engagement through brand advocacy, advertising optimization and data collaboration
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With the meteoric rise of social media and constant advancement of technology, how can organizations across industries best keep pace with the latest trends and strategies?

In a complex digital world that evolves at a remarkable pace, social activation technologies provide a strategic advantage for brands seeking to extend their influence across leading social media platforms. In this article, we explore how to advance brand engagement, influence and affinity through:

  • Authentic employee and consumer advocacy
  • AI-optimized advertising investment and media buying
  • Data-driven brand collaborations

Ignite content creation worldwide through employee & consumer advocacy

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One of the most compelling benefits of employee and consumer advocacy is the ability to fuel deeper brand affinity and promote more authentic brand relationships. Employee and consumer advocates build trust and credibility for brands throughout their network.

To unleash the power of brand advocacy and promote authentic brand relationships across social media platforms, organizations should take a strategic approach:

  • Build creator communities: Identify and work with brand influencers more effectively through a powerful social activation platform.
  • Empower global content: Enable advocates to create, publish and measure the effectiveness of self-generated content worldwide in a way that is brand-safe and secure.

The goal for every organization should be to promote authentic brand relationships with consumers across the leading social media platforms—including Meta, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest. Brands must leverage the right conduit to promote brand advocacy at scale.

Automate & optimize social media advertising with AI-powered technologies

Media buying is an essential aspect of social media advertising that can make or break a brand's success. However, not all media buys are equally effective—and it can be challenging to determine the right approach to reach your target audience. With the advent of AI-optimized media buying solutions, organizations can leverage technology to improve advertising investment across social media.

By implementing an AI-driven approach to media buying, organizations can harness the power of advanced capabilities:

  • Cross-platform optimization: Ensure ads reach your target audience and manage multiple campaigns in one place across different social media platforms.
  • Rule-based automation tools: Streamline your advertising process by automating ad campaigns based on budget limits, targeting options and ad placement.
  • Real-time local advertising: Target your consumers based on their locations, with relevant ads tailored to specific geographic regions in real time.

At its core, AI-driven media buying optimizes budgets and maximizes ROI using a technology-powered engine that analyzes data in real-time—identifying the most effective advertising channels, formats and targeting options for your brand. With this data-driven approach, your organization can make informed decisions that drive strategic execution and remain competitive.

This unrivaled level of flexibility and scalability makes it easy to adapt changing market conditions and consumer behaviors.

Securely share & monetize audiences to grow first-party data capabilities

As the digital world continues to move away from cookies in favor of more secure audience exchanges and clean room technologies, mutually beneficial brand collaborations are empowering organizations to advance their consumer targeting and marketing initiatives across social media platforms.

These collaborations help brands serve up the right content to the right people at the right time—while maintaining the highest standards in privacy and compliance:

  • Data protection & security measures: Share high-converting audiences safely through a private marketplace and allow your partners to activate across social channels while maintaining visibility over your data.
  • Transparent reporting & billing: Enable audience owners to set default pricing models that can be tailored based on their partnership agreements—giving both partners usage and billing transparency.
  • Increased efficiencies & insights: Eliminate overlapping data with advanced features that assess the value of your data and generate detailed analytics and reports.

Organizations should know that the most successful brand collaborations are innately grounded in privacy and compliance. By embracing forward-thinking strategies, brands can overcome perceived challenges or limitations—together.

Advance brand engagement through the power of social activation

Social media activation is paramount for any successful marketing strategy in today's fast-paced digital world. By optimizing advertising investment and media buying, leveraging employee and consumer advocacy and embracing data-driven brand collaborations, organizations can effectively connect with their target audience and stay ahead of the competition.

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