Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability & social impacts

We strive to create a brighter future for our planet, communities and future generations through environmental and social responsibility.

Forward together,
better together

Sustainability matters

Taking action for our planet & people

We are a climate-positive workplace that believes in the power of collective action. Through our partnership with Ecologi, we offset our emissions with a company forest in our name.



Trees funded


tCO2e avoided

Impactful initiatives

Our roadmap to a
greener future

Energy & carbon

Augeo’s target is to reduce emissions by 8% every year through renewable energy.

Waste reduction

Augeo is committed to reducing waste by 10% through recycling services, employee education and decreases in e-waste.

Water conservation

Augeo’s goal is to reduce our water usage by 15% each year.

Paper reduction

Augeo aims to achieve a reduction of 15% in paper usage and purchase paper from certified responsible sources whenever possible.

Social impacts

Paying it forward with micro-giving

We amplify our social impact through Stax, our people experience platform.

Through our partnership with social enterprise ME to WE, Stax enables our employees to power the donation of clean drinking water and educational resources to community members in need—amplified by matching donations from Augeo during special events.


weeks of drinking water donated


recipients of educational supplies

Social responsibility

Fostering longevity to safeguard equity

Our collective goals are to:

Create a positive impact in the economy

Organizations worldwide must maintain a balance of people, planet and profit to achieve long-term success. To contribute to sustainability efforts, we will protect the safety, health and welfare of our most vital resource: our employees. Integrating workplace safety and health is woven into our sustainability efforts. It is an opportunity for Augeo to better protect our employees and achieve a truly sustainable and thriving organization.

Sustainability is not simply about what is done, but how it gets done. It is a mindset that requires intentional and ongoing participation from leadership. We are committed to being the best in every aspect of our operations. It is our intention to set and achieve goals beyond regulatory compliance where possible. Augeo embraces sustainability by showcasing our values, measured impacts and outcomes to further our competitive advantage for our clients, partners and employees.

Be purpose-driven in society

We infuse our organization with purpose to help attract a motivated, skilled workforce that drives financial success to leverage sustainability in pursuit of business goals. We create an environment where our employees and our organization have an opportunity to do good in the world and impact meaningful issues.

We have the ability to impact larger issues collectively. Sustainable business strategies can help address climate change, income inequality, depletion of natural resources, human rights issues, fair working conditions, pollution, racial injustice and gender inequality.

89% of executives believe an organization with a shared purpose will have greater employee satisfaction. —Henderson, Facebook Live

Foster a community of participation within the environment

People are compelled to participate when others around them are participating, connecting and facilitating connection. We foster opportunities for colleagues to unite in support of initiatives throughout their local communities, globally across our organization and collectively among people with a passion for participating in social good.