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Architects of loyalty & engagement

Augeo is a global leader in engagement platform technologies that create data-driven experiences, foster people connections and cultivate brand advocates worldwide.

Sparking engagement at a global scale

We are innovators and visionaries who deliver compelling experiences that inspire and influence diverse audiences.


Engagement system

Utilizing proven strategies and disruptive technologies, we accelerate engagement, strengthen brand affinity, extend organizational momentum and deliver sustained advancements through our holistic engagement system—a complementary suite of solutions across Workplace Engagement, Experiential, Social Activation, Customer Loyalty and Tokenized Loyalty.



Augeo was founded in 1999 out of a need to drive evolution for David Kristal's family business, Embers Restaurants—a popular all-day-dining spot and Midwestern staple renowned for their original recipes. Fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit of his father, Henry, David and his team set out to reinvent the family business.

What began as a buying program for independent restaurants to compete against national chains soon advanced to a platform-based loyalty solution for the entire hospitality industry. That became the proving ground for differentiated thinking, exceptional execution and an earnest culture leading to a rapidly growing portfolio of valued Augeo clients.

Along the way, David united with Juan Sabater, a great friend from their Stanford days. The two complement each other like a fresh ground hamburger and toasted bun—an "emberger" from the Embers era. Today, following in the footsteps of Henry's entrepreneurial spirit, David, Juan and the Augeo footprint span well beyond the Upper Midwest and extend across the globe.



With more than 45 years of experience, Augeo is shaping the future of loyalty and engagement experiences through the foremost engagement technology in the world. We are proud to serve over 100 of the top Fortune 500 companies and represent millions of users across more than 185 countries through our proprietary platform technology. 

Inspired by our extraordinary momentum, we remain steadfast in our commitment to pushing the envelope even further, continuously expanding the horizons of our expertise with innovation at the core of everything we do. 

As we reflect on our transformative journey propelled by decades of experience, we continue to redefine what’s possible for the loyalty and engagement industry as we look to the future with great enthusiasm.

It's who we are. It's what drives us.
It's who we are. It's what drives us.
Our mission

Inspiring people to achieve more—one interaction, transaction and experience at a time.

Our history

Propelled by growth & innovation

We expand our expertise through consistent and sustainable growth to elevate solutions for our clients. Organic growth and key acquisitions across industries provide exceptional value for our team, clients and partners in the form of global reach, innovative technologies and diverse perspectives. It’s what empowers us.


Entertainment acquisition®

Augeo subsidiary Kigo acquires Entertainment®—America’s most trusted offer network
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Launch of Kigo

Blockchain and loyalty innovators combine to form Kigo, a technology company revolutionizing loyalty through tokenization.
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Brand Networks acquisition

Augeo acquires AI-powered social activation technologies pioneer Brand Networks, advancing our engagement system
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Structural acquisition

Augeo acquires community and connectivity platform technology Structural, fueling workplace engagement growth engine
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Figg sale to JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Augeo majority-owned card-linking subsidiary Figg is acquired by JPMorgan Chase & Co.
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Heaps launch

Augeo launches first-ever crypto loyalty platform Heaps, augmenting our loyalty and engagement technology portfolio
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Koiyn launch

Augeo launches first-in-market card-linked cash-back rewards program Koiyn, fueling our leading member benefit solutions
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Wellington acquisition

Augeo acquires experience design and strategic gifting leader Wellington, expanding events capabilities
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Deluxe Rewards acquisition

Augeo acquires Deluxe Rewards and patented dual-currency loyalty and engagement technology
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Virtual events launch

Augeo launches virtual event experiences platform as a rapid-response enterprise solution
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Empyr acquisition

Augeo acquires card-linking platform Empyr to form integrated card-linking technology powerhouse Figg
 Press release 

MotivAction aquisition

Augeo acquires employee recognition, sales incentives and events industry leader MotivAction
 Press release 

ME to We partnership

Augeo announces exclusive partnership with social enterprise ME to WE, fueling global social impact
 Press release 

Wingnut Advertising acquisition

Augeo acquires digital agency Wingnut Advertising, bolstering creative and strategic branding capabilities
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Augeo FI sale

Augeo FI loyalty business is acquired by investment funds affiliated with private equity firm Lightyear Capital
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Insights module launch

Augeo launches a strategic relationship to drive workplace engagement insights module technology

Structural partnership

Augeo partners with community and connectivity platform Structural to amplify platform capabilities

Edo Interactive acquisition

Augeo acquires card-linked offers industry pioneer Edo Interactive, accelerating industry-leading capabilities

Incentive Logic acquisition

Augeo acquires points-based quick rewards and incentives leader Incentive Logic, advancing offerings

Wellness platform launch

Augeo launches the first significant loyalty and engagement platform in the health and wellness space

Performance Plus Marketing acquisition

Augeo acquires successful loyalty platform provider and engagement agency Performance Plus Marketing

RewardsNOW acquisition

Augeo acquires RewardsNOW, a leading platform serving FI and member-based loyalty programs

GamePlan4Me launch

Augeo launches GamePlan4Me with White House and sports industry leaders to support ACA enrollment

Fan-i-Am launch

Augeo partners with IMG to launch next-generation loyalty platform for college sports fans

CBSI acquisition

Augeo acquires FI loyalty solutions and member services leader CBSI

Greer & Associates acquisition

Augeo acquires marketing, brand identity and advertising agency Greer & Associates

IncentOne acquisition

Augeo acquires performance and loyalty solutions technology company IncentOne

Couch Braunsdorf Affinity acquisition

Augeo acquires independent insurance agency Couch Braunsdorf Affinity

Loyalty program launch

Augeo launches the industry’s first professional loyalty program

Incentives program launch

Augeo launches the industry’s first customer incentives program

BenefitProtect acquisition

Augeo acquires financial services insurance firm BenefitProtect

Founding of Augeo

Augeo was founded in St. Paul, Minnesota by our Chief Executive Officer, David Kristal

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