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Building community & connection in the workplace through social architecture

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While the intersection of home and work life has intensified, the distance felt between people and their colleagues has never been greater. 60% of employees worldwide experience emotional detachment at work today,¹ highlighting the need and urgency to strengthen workplace connection.

As the workplace continues to evolve across industries, companies are challenged to energize connections, fortify more productive organizational cultures—and rethink how to engage employees in the workplace. How do we engage employees in our hybrid world? Building community in the workplace to better connect people to their colleagues and opportunities.

We've explored how to retain top talent through connection and the importance of creating a sense of belonging at work—now let's dive into how to build community in the workplace through social architecture toolsets and connection technology.

Is your enterprise at risk of losing your best employees?

Over the course of almost two years, a remarkable number of people have voluntarily left their jobs. Is The Great Resignation still happening today? Like the modern workplace, which has taken on new forms around the world, so too has The Great Resignation evolved. Some employers are now experiencing a surging trend among talent known as quiet quitting.

What is quiet quitting and why should your organization care? Quiet quitting occurs as a direct result of a lack of engagement and connection between an employee and their workplace—a phenomenon in which the disengaged employee contributes the bare minimum to maintain their role. Without a strong sense of belonging and community to uplift and inspire them, your people are more likely to feel disenchanted and checked out. The result? A hit to productivity for your organization.

Given that 40% of workers today are still considering a job change,² the best way to retain employees in your workplace is to be proactive in elevating your community building strategy.

"The past few years of workplace upheaval underscores the need to build stronger, more connected, collaborative organizations. Hybrid workplaces require new forms of connection, where people feel a sense of team and leverage each other for collective success worldwide." —David Kristal, Augeo Founder & CEO

Leverage technology to create your connected community

Like most technologies, the goal of employee engagement software is to make life easier by providing a comprehensive solution to common challenges or needs. Organizations seeking the best employee engagement platform to create a centralized, connected community and network of opportunity should look for the following integrated connectivity tools.

  • Employee groups: The cornerstone of a strong employee community are the groups that form within your company. Provide and empower your people to form groups and connect with others based on shared skills, career goals, backgrounds, cultural affinities and passions. Create dedicated digital spaces to bring inclusion to these connections and to reach across your entire organization. Groups are an impactful way to unite employees with shared interests—regardless of their location.
  • Social architecture: Supercharge communication and engagement across your enterprise with interactive newsfeeds and posting abilities inspired by popular social media platforms—all of which integrates with the tools your team uses today, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and email.
  • Data-rich employee profiles: With the right software, data that already exists in your organization’s HR and business systems can be used to generate stunning employee profiles automatically—providing a window into the personal and professional passions and preferences of every person in your organization, facilitating connection and community.
  • Dynamic people directory: Enable everyone in your organization to find and connect with the right people at the right time based on skills, interests, roles, clients, capacity and more. Intelligent search allows you to customize search filters to surface groups of people and capture real-time, data-rich insights.
  • Opportunity marketplace: Match the supply of talented employees across your organization to the demand of short gigs, key projects, big roles, sales support, volunteering, learning and mentoring. Connect your people to opportunity no matter where they work, be it via web application, mobile app or even inside of Microsoft Teams.

Each of these powerful connectivity tools are designed with community building in mind—and are core to the success of employee engagement platforms. Enabling your people to better engage and navigate their career while building their internal network is the ultimate way to forge connections and strengthen the sense of community and belonging.

Remember, the benefit of an employee experience platform should be to create harmony for your people and optimize productivity for your company.

Elevate your connection strategy & optimize productivity

Is your enterprise looking to elevate employee engagement in the workplace and embrace technologies that bring together employees in purpose-driven ways? Are you still wondering how to improve employee engagement? Shape the future of your organization by creating more connected workplaces, stronger communities and productive organizational cultures.

It all starts with the right connection technology. Let's connect to talk about how Augeo can transform your community building strategy. To read more about our approach to workplace engagement, check out our complimentary digital guide—The Art of Employee Engagement.

¹ Gallup | State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report

² McKinsey & Company | The Great Attrition is making hiring harder. Are you searching the right talent pools?

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