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Demystifying enterprise engagement to advance employee experiences

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There's a ton being said about Enterprise Engagement, but what does is really mean? Since we have the world's first ISO 10018-certified Enterprise Engagement technology, we'll take a crack at explaining.

Historically, employee engagement had multiple separate branches such as social recognition, wellness, business development, etc. and they were treated as independent entities. However, this is no longer the case. Enterprise engagement has become the new norm, and best way to achieve the highest level of engagement within a company.

This type of engagement looks for desired behaviors across the whole enterprise and recognizes them together instead of as lone aspects. This type of engagement cultivates a proactive environment for all persons involved, to ultimately achieve long-term success.

An organization that puts in place a structure that promotes enterprise engagement will reap the benefits. The following are the major benefits one can gain from investing in enterprise engagement:

  1. Ability to drive better alignment in your organization.
  2. Develop measurable results.
  3. Leverage the investment for better business performance.

Why should you care? In a competitive industry, witnessing technological advances and arising competition, it is even more crucial to leverage your company's most imperative asset—its employees. The degree to which you will gain the greatest ROI on your people is directly tied to the level of engagement in your company. A successful enterprise engagement strategy will create synergy among all levels of your workforce, and ultimately result in higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Those are good things.

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