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Food for Thought: Consider the order of your event

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Talking about healthy choices is one thing; following through with it is a completely different story. A co-worker of mine said she was recently at a conference that had a wonderful health and wellness speaker.

On stage, the speaker covered all the basics of healthy lifestyles such as eating to fulfill a steady diet and maintaining a regular sleep cycle.

The speaker concentrated a lot of her time on the diet aspect of a healthy lifestyle, which left many crowd members feeling very motivated to concentrate their hunger on healthy snacks. She handed out lists of foods that were much better choices than others. She also handed out the best ways to build a plate with 5 steps to organizing each meal with healthy proteins and fats. She even went an additional step and geared the lists towards MICE professionals with lists of snacks that are best for situations when you don't have time to sit and eat.

When the session ended, the audience went out to grab a snack, still motivated to jump start their new healthy ways of eating. When they headed out of the breakout room to the snack area, there was nothing to be found but cookies and junk food on the tables. After hearing about how important it is to eat healthy, everything the speaker just professed was overshadowed by a table of cookies.

This should be a learning lesson to meeting planners to make sure the teach goes with the preach. Had the planner considered the order of events more thoroughly, offering carrots and celery with hummus or a nice trail mix of nuts may have been a much more suitable choice after this presentation. Not only will it resonate with the audience and kick-start their choices, but the speaker will feel more respected and not like she just wasted her time.

Food for thought!

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