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From AI to Authenticity: Brand advocacy strategies to drive long-term engagement 

Strengthen your message, build trust and drive growth by leveraging employee advocacy.
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Every organization can unlock significant benefits through brand advocacy. Whether leveraging nano-influencers, paid partnerships or employee voices, enabling advocacy can strengthen your message, build trust and ultimately drive growth.

Employees stand out as the most influential of all brand advocates. When you inspire and empower passionate employees to become brand champions, you unleash powerful new channels to authentically deliver your message and foster trust with your potential customers.

Uncover proven brand advocacy strategies from global leaders in engagement and social activation in our webinar—Beyond Influencers: Maximizing Social Media Reach Through Authentic Brand Advocacy. 

In this engaging discussion around the art of identifying and empowering brand advocates, Augeo CMO & President, Workplace Engagement, Juli Gilbert, shares the virtual stage with experts from BN, an Augeo company—CTO, Jeremy Frick, and Director of Influencer Marketing, Surge Berg. 

Catch up on the conversation to learn how brands and companies worldwide are amplifying their influence through authentic brand advocacy. 

Navigating the differentiation of authentic brand advocacy

Juli: We're excited to explore the impact of employee advocacy that extends beyond paid influence in marketing to create powerful audience engagement through authentic, relevant, precision-targeted content. Let's dive in. 

Surge, what is authentic brand advocacy? Why is it crucial in the workplace and across our social media landscape?  

Surge: That's a great place to start. You just said authentic brand advocacy—and that's important because the conversation continues to evolve. Brand advocacy is reflected in individuals communicating about, selling and representing a brand, and we see that with paid influencers and celebrities who support brands. 

When you say authentic brand advocacy, that takes on a new angle. We're talking about what it looks like when someone is inspired to share their passions, their specific experiences—not to get paid for it or to gain something specific. When we talk about authentic brand advocacy, we are talking about employees and customers who are creating hyper-localized content at scale. 

When connections to a brand motivate people to share their unique voice—that's where it gets really exciting. 

Nurturing genuine connections in a hyper-digital world

Jeremy: The authenticity element is critical—because we all live these hyper-digital lifestyles now in which we are always at arm's length from interacting with each other in significant ways through screens like we are right now. 

Frankly, authenticity with a human touch is more important than ever, as we all still want those sorts of relationships.  

We still want to know that the person advocating for a brand or product is doing it because they care about the brand they are advocating for. 

The most exciting part about this is driving home that authenticity, especially in an increasingly digital, AI-powered world—and it's only going to be more and more important as people... 

Eager to dive deeper into advanced social strategies fueled by authentic brand advocacy? Watch our webinar on demand and learn how to elevate your approach to authentic audience connection.   

*This transcript has been abridged and edited for clarity.

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