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From enthusiasts to ambassadors: Empowering employees through brand advocacy

Harmonizing humanity and productivity through holistic workplace engagement strategy.
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How can organizations amplify their influence through authentic brand experiences at scale? The Augeo team was thrilled to bring this powerful topic to a global audience of HR leaders and dynamic change agents at CultureCon, where the future of workplace engagement is revolutionized.

In our session, From Enthusiasts to Ambassadors: Empowering Employees Through Brand Advocacy, Augeo Chief Marketing Officer and President, WorkplaceEngagement Juli Gilbert explored the innovative, data-driven strategies and technologies fueling the evolution of rewards and recognition—including the role of brand advocacy in supercharging engagement experiences to activate employees worldwide.

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Drive engagement with innovative strategies & technologies

JULI: It is an exciting time in our space, and what I am most excited to share with all of you today is a little bit about what’s next. As we think about engagement and recognition—what it is today and what it will look like tomorrow, that’s really where I find my passions.

What does the future of engagement look like? Across different research from Gallup and IRF, we are seeing that engagement is at an all-time low. Productivity is at an all-time low. How should we think about advancing what we are doing today to engage our employees differently than we have before?

Boost morale amid organizational change to retain top talent

“The opportunities that we make available to our people have a direct influence on how employees react to and participate with us.”

JULI: People experience. This is one of my favorite topics to talk about, primarily as it relates to the convergence of Marketing and HR. How many of you, three years ago, had to pull in your Marketing departments to help create a better people experience?

Today, many organizations are having to do layoffs. Right now, recognition to support the retention of your best talent is critical—and it’s part of this notion of organizational change that makes employees uncomfortable. How do you reassure them? How do you create retention within the areas of your organization where you want your employees to feel a part of your culture, teams and people—especially when you might also have to make hard decisions?

How do we enable a happier workforce?

Strengthen workplace connection & community through appreciation

“We have to remember that our employees are also consumers, customers, members and subscribers—and so their expectations are changing as the world is changing.”

JULI: As we think about what’s next, one of the core pieces is the evolution of gratitude and appreciation in an organization. Recognition will always sit at the core. It is critical—and it has evolved.

On top of recognition, organizations should overlay experiences—intentional moments throughout the year that celebrate the achievements and milestones of employees.

On top of that, we have seen a massive desire and need for employees to grow and develop their skills and talents—a new layer of opportunity that sits atop employee experiences. The opportunities that we make available to our people have a direct influence on how employees react to and participate with us.

The last piece represents our future visioning and what we are seeing resonating throughout the space, and that is advocacyenabling employees to be advocates and ambassadors on behalf of our organizations.

Empower global impact with AI-driven innovations in social activation

“Naturally, people want to hear from other people. People connect with people. Leverage your advocates to push out content. When others see your advocates engaged, it makes them want to participate.”

JULI: Brand advocate technologies enable employees to create brand-safe content at scale—and talk about their organizations across the leading social platforms in a way that is authentic and impactful.

When an organization effectively demonstrates its ability to…


Want to catch up on the rest of Juli’s CultureCon session? Watch now on demand for more insights into workplace engagement and the power of brand advocacy.

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