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How to drive employee retention through workplace experiences

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The Great Resignation may not be dominating your newsfeed, but employee retention remains a challenge across industries. Almost 70% of Gen Z and millennial Americans alone plan to leave their jobs in 2023.1 Leaders know the loss of talent is the most significant, preventable expense, and with the decline in employee retention rates, organizations are facing an urgent and critical need to create and strengthen workplace connections.

Leading organizations leverage technology and deliver compelling experiences as an effective way to drive employee engagement and increase retention.

Don't let the challenges of disconnection go unexamined

Are unintended psychological barriers between your employees and your organization promoting disconnection? Employees across distributed workforces can feel devalued and disconnected without consistent recognition and a clear sense of purpose in alignment with their organization’s mission and values. Disconnection can lead to dissatisfaction and disengagement within your company—impacting your workplace culture and people experience. To inspire and reinforce the sense of community and connection, harness the power of transformative employee experiences.

Business units with engaged workers enjoy 23% higher profitability.2

Disconnected employees with little to no connection to your brand will yield clients with similar sentiments, as their loyalty to a company is often influenced by individual employees who act as their points of contact. Keeping employees engaged and connected not only boosts employee retention and strengthens client relationships, but also inspires brand advocates that work harder and perform better.

Forging meaningful connections that drive engagement through technology-driven experiences is a three-step process.

Step 1: Quantify employee engagement, participation & productivity

Organizations have access to multiple data sources from which to gauge employee responsibilities, competencies, productivity and engagement. Workplace engagement platforms use data from your existing business systems and help create a more personalized experience for individual employees. Imagine a people directory through which your employees can instantly search across the organization by skills, projects and other types of business data usually hidden away in siloed systems and applications. Consider a recognition platform that is smart enough to remind managers when one of their direct reports could use a pick-me-up.  

One data source, integrated employee surveys, provides key insights into employee thoughts and feelings, which enable your organization to make meaningful change. A well-designed survey can shed light on what is most important to employees, how they want to be viewed and where they can provide value to your company if given the opportunity.

However, simply collecting this data is not enough. Is the goal to measure results or are you trying to make work better for your people? Workplace engagement platforms put this data to work—from driving engagement through relevant rewards to empowering managers with survey insights that inform the delivery of timely gratitude, opportunities and support.

Step 2: Create workplace experiences that are tailored to your people

To design compelling employee experiences that foster connection and create a stronger, more unified workplace, tailor experiences to speak to employee wants and needs. Based on Step 1, your organization should be able to easily identify those wants and needs through employee surveys. This strategy is an excellent opportunity to cultivate goodwill using an inclusive and informed approach that recognizes your people for who they are: unique individuals with diverse priorities, preferences and perspectives.

Thoughtfully designed workplace experiences are a proven catalyst for increased retention. Aim to create experiences that build on your brand and workplace culture of connection, collaboration and recognition. These types of experiences move the transactional to the transformational—promoting inclusion to ensure all employees feel valued, connected and involved.

Step 3: Leverage technology to promote interactivity & engagement

Organizational meetings and events, whether onsite, virtual or hybrid, are more engaging when they include real-time activities such as polling, surveys and chats using accessible technology. Quizzes and gamification promote healthy competition and increase engagement among attendees. Interactive features keep attendees focused and help them feel connected. Like attendees of any event, employees crave the opportunity to be active participants who are empowered to engage and contribute.

For prominent events and employee experiences, create a customized mobile app that generates excitement prior to the event; informs and provides valuable content during the event; and facilitates networking throughout and beyond the event.  

Looking for inspiration? Get started with these technology-driven workplace experiences:

  • Hybrid and virtual events promote accessibility and shared experiences for both in-office and remote employees
  • Digital and augmented reality experiences immerse and inspire employees through innovation
  • Virtual gifting events and digital pop-up shops recognize and reward employees while promoting optionality
  • Bridge employee and company values through in-platform events and initiatives with global social impact

Ready to improve retention through intentional experience design?

Employee experiences are the prime opportunity for you to inspire your people to be excited about their contributions and increase retention. It all starts with intentional experience design and your commitment to a people-first workplace strategy.

Connect with us to learn more about how Augeo can help your enterprise increase employee engagement through compelling experiences fueled by creativity, strategy, technology and innovation—and discover 4 ways to transform your brand experiences.

1 LinkedIn | Ready for Anything: Jobs Come and Go, But Your Career is Here to Stay

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