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How to select the optimal virtual event tech for your brand

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In today’s global business markets, virtual and hybrid event experiences continue to be one of the most effective ways for organizations to foster communication, collaboration and engagement. Sophisticated technologies make it easier and more compelling than ever to bring together people from different locations, time zones and countries.

The true efficacy of virtual and hybrid events is measured by what happens when those diverse audiences gather—and how they’re empowered to act once the event concludes. That’s why selecting a virtual event platform is among the most important decisions throughout the event planning lifecycle.

The staying power of virtual & hybrid events

Virtual and hybrid meetings and events have experienced a considerable resurgence in recent times—propelled by organizations seeking adaptable solutions that expand their global reach and maximize inclusivity for attendees.

These flexible event experiences also demonstrate true staying power. 33% of organizations committed to an increase in their 2022 virtual events investments, with 41% planning to maintain their current investment, a recent study shows.¹

This significant increase in demand for virtual event capabilities has spurred similar growth in supply. Today, the virtual event marketplace is powered by a wealth of innovative platforms, enhancements and other tools designed to produce a seamless, successful gathering. Choosing the right technologies can be a challenge—but it doesn’t have to be.

How to choose the optimal virtual event technology

As global leaders in award-winning experience design solutions, we help our clients navigate every facet of the experience-planning lifecycle, starting with one of the most important decisions: Which virtual platform is the best fit for your brand, your attendees and your strategic goals?

Consider every aspect of your desired attendee experience to inform the virtual capabilities and environment that will play an important role in implementing a successful event. That includes intensive discovery sessions that help us understand your business, your audience and what you want to accomplish—key insights and perspectives that directly influence the next steps in our planning process.

To better identify and articulate your vision of the attendee experience, we ask you to consider several questions:

  • What expectations will attendees have coming into the virtual event?
  • How do you want attendees to perceive your brand throughout the event?
  • How can attendees be empowered throughout the virtual event to actively participate in fulfilling strategic business goals?
  • What is your desired outcome, both emotionally (how attendees feel) and practically (how attendees take action) once the virtual event concludes?

One of the exciting evolutions we’ve carefully tracked in the virtual and hybrid events marketplace is how powerful and sophisticated many event platforms have become. Simple virtual gathering spots equipped with video chat and standard presentation capabilities have evolved into dynamic hubs that can be fully branded and customized to create a destination in which attendees converse, connect, explore and engage.

Having an innate understanding of the attendee experience you want to deliver—and how that experience aligns with the strategic goals and initiatives guiding your business—plays a critical role in choosing the right event technology.

Proven strategies through client experiences demonstrate the power of selecting the right event technology

When a client needed to pivot from an in-person event to a virtual format in less than three weeks, a quick and informed decision on the best platform technology was critical for the event to be successful.

Working with our client, we focused our attention on the attendee experience. Within the virtual environment, the client wanted to ensure that attendees felt as connected as possible. To enhance interactions between attendees and speakers throughout the event, the Augeo team implemented a new platform technology.

A large-scale video chat platform enabled attendees to see everyone at once—in this case, more than 550 people. Speakers received an energizing boost from seeing so many faces, while more attendees opted to keep their cameras on to benefit from the event’s interactive inclusivity.

The platform also offered additional benefits, including smaller group pods to host networking sessions and robust speaker technology—all of which increased connection, visibility and energy. The result: an enriching and personalized attendee experience that fueled post-event engagement.

Make your next event remarkable

Rather than feeling challenged by the robust selection of virtual event technologies, reframe your increased optionality as an opportunity to reimagine what your brand can represent to your audience through an elevated attendee experience.

To learn more about how we can help you create connections, inspire growth and amplify your brand through transformational event experiences, let's connect.

¹ Content Marketing Institute | B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends

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