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Over 20 gifting ideas to leverage right now

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The experience of gifting can do wonders: helping someone feel seen and heard, creating a sense of calm, and reminding someone they’re supported and valued. Knowing the powers of gifting is one thing, but finding the right gifts for the right people might feel overwhelming right now. That’s why we’ve put together some ideas that will resonate with a variety of recipients.

Cabin-fever-relief gifts

If your employees, members, or clients are struggling with remaining indoors – especially if they have children who need to be entertained – focus on gifts that can take people’s minds off of their current physical space and focus it on something else:

  • Trivia games, puzzles, and board games (as an added special touch, these can be customized and branded)
  • Virtual art and music lessons
  • Subscriptions to digital libraries and museums

Looking for something even more transportive? Virtual reality headsets offer a break from the norm and can help people feel like they’ve left their home without actually going anywhere.

Working-from-home gifts

Turning a routine office item into a gift helps people feel like their everyday routine is special. While you’re making sure someone has what they need to work from home, why not elevate that need into a gift? Consider things like:

  • Well-made journals with high-quality paper
  • Elegant pens and pencils
  • Earbuds and headphones
  • A tablet and stylus
  • A designer task lamp

Video conferencing is rapidly becoming the new norm for meetings, but it can cause some people to worry about the video-readiness of their space. Help them feel less anxious by creating a custom pop-up backdrop that they can put in place during calls and store easily when not in use.

Peace-of-mind gifts

What people might need the most right now is the gift of calm. Think about things that help shift mindsets from rumination and worry to calm and hope:

  • Daily inspiration cards
  • Succulents or an easy home-growing plant kit
  • An essential oil diffuser with a variety of calming and uplifting oils
  • A door hang tag or coffee mug with clever text

An object whose primary function is beauty: a unique valet tray, a small vase, or a pretty photograph in a small frame.

Items that help people deal with anxiety and plan for the future can also be valued gifts. Journals, daily planners, decks of brainstorming cards, and even books can be instrumental in keeping people you care about focused on the future instead of scared by the present.

Postponed-trip gifts

If you’ve rescheduled an event for your employees, or members, or clients, gifting can help alleviate some of the disappointment and give everyone something to look forward to. Imagine what the scheduled event would look like or feel like if you distilled it down to its essence, and use that to guide your gift selections.

If you’ve postponed a meeting or conference, create a branded box that contains on-theme items, like branded mind puzzles for entrepreneurial conference attendees. Couple this with a well-designed booklet that features profiles of each of the speakers and the “elevator pitch” of their presentation. For added delight, include a bag of gourmet coffee or special snacks.

For guests who’ve had an incentive trip postponed, create a branded package that brings the trip to them. Depending on your audience, you can be more literal (destination-themed food items, drink mixes, or crafts from local artisans), or more tongue-in-cheek, with items like inflatable pools, sun lamps, or beachwear.

Remember, gifting doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you’d like to brighten someone’s day but don’t know where to start, we can help.

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