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Recognition tips to advance Employee Appreciation Day

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This morning, you woke up and realized that Employee Appreciation Day is today!

Chances are, you’ve turned to Google for ideas: company T-shirts; breakfast bar; personal project time; lunch out; movie day; volunteering opportunities; spot bonuses; time off; concerts; popcorn cart; gift cards; bring-your-dog to work day; lottery tickets; on-site massage therapist; sweepstakes drawing; family open house; prize wheel; public praise; wall of fame; sundae buffet—and so on.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Although Employee Appreciation Day can be an effective reminder to recognize your employees, it can't make up for months of benign neglect. Employee Appreciation Day reminds us all that acknowledging employees for living corporate values and achieving results is a daily discipline—a way of life. After all, recognizing someone as close as possible to the positive behavior is part of what makes recognition so effective (as well as making it specific, attainable, meaningful and personal).

One of the best and most effective ways to express your appreciation to your employees is to hand write a personal note. The best notes are specific—and wouldn't make sense if you received someone else’s by mistake. Simple, but not easy. Why? Because it requires you to put your busy day on pause—to reflect.

What qualities in your employee do you most appreciate? Is he or she conscientious? Courageous? Creative? Is she willing to wrestle any project down to the ground? Is he able to anticipate problems and stay three steps ahead of your customers? Does she go above and beyond—always? Does his unflappable demeanor make him approachable and encourage collaboration with colleagues? Is there a personal reason to appreciate someone, like randomly thanking a veteran in your office for their service?

Anybody who is lucky enough to have ever received such a handwritten acknowledgement remembers it. They are cherished because they are rare. Receiving one makes you feel like somebody actually "gets" you, and you never forget it. Start your handwritten notes and make this Employee Appreciation Day one to remember!

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