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Star Tribune highlights e-commerce success & opportunities to build brand loyalty

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The Minnesota Star Tribune's featured article focuses on how the pandemic prompted an increased demand for e-commerce. Major retailers with established e-commerce models share their wins and the journey to success they have experienced and benefited from during the pandemic. Supermarkets in particular have witnessed astronomical growth as a result of an increased demand for online ordering and shopping. This shift in consumer buying has created a vast amount of opportunity for these companies as we look ahead to the coming year and begin planning for the unknown. As featured in the article, Augeo CEO, David Kristal shared insights into how companies can leverage this time to retain and fuel growth within their respective industries.

"As we come out of COVID, people will eat out more, so why not forge a deeper connection while they have the traffic and grab market share?" asked David Kristal, chief executive of Augeo loyalty programs in St. Paul and a Star Tribune board member. "Supermarkets should build on their strength while they can."

Read the full Star Tribune article to learn more about brands leading the way in e-commerce success and customer incentives.

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