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The symbiotic relationship between EX & CX

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Customer is king, right? We’ve all heard the mantra. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have embraced this perspective for over a century in their quest to boost brand affinity and their bottom line. While homing in on the customer experience with focused precision is one element of a successful brand strategy, there are two sides of every coin. After all, a superior customer experience begins with the most important customers of all: employees.

Augeo has been on the forefront of employee engagement for over 40 years, and we’ve long known what many organizations are now becoming more attuned to: the employee experience is instrumental in fostering a highly engaged workforce of brand advocates. Provide employees with a variety of opportunities to engage with the types of relevant experiences they enjoy outside of work—and frame the experiences within the context of your organization’s core values. The result is a brand-aligned workforce more empowered and incentivized to create superior experiences for clients and customers.

EX and CX are the driving forces of business that intersect to propel competitive advantage¹ and increase profitability by a combined average of 32%²—and employees and customers both desire fluid and customizable experiences. Simply put, superior EX attracts and retains the best talent and encourages employees to maximize their potential. As a result, an engaged workforce develops superior CX that promotes lasting loyalty and sustained business growth. It’s a win-win.

So, what lies at the heart of a successful employee engagement strategy? It all comes down to three Cs of EX: communication, connectivity and celebration—the great equalizers that make employees feel seen and heard while reinforcing core values.

  1. Communication: Embrace the conversation
    Effective two-way communication across all levels promotes transparency and facilitates candid conversations that enhance EX and move organizations forward. It’s also a leading determinant of employee retention. In forming a sound internal communications plan to drive engagement, organizations should consider the frequency, messaging and channels that best provide value and relevance to their workforce.
  2. Connectivity: Empower the community
    Humans are wired to seek connection with others. Connectivity tools enable employees to forge and strengthen relationships that increase cross-functional visibility and contribute to a sense of community. Providing employees with the resources they need to succeed is essential to creating a connected workplace—and employees who feel more connected become more engaged and more productive.
  3. Celebration: Elevate the culture
    Given that recognition is the optimum predictor of employee engagement outcomes, it’s no wonder that the celebration of valuable contributions, exceptional performance and notable achievements cultivates a more positive workplace and more motivated workforce. Celebrations also present opportunities for inclusion, and employees who feel included are more likely to be excited by and committed to their organizations.

Ultimately, it is vital to appreciate the symbiotic relationship and cyclical nature that exists between EX and CX, and every business must invest in both to compete and thrive.

¹ Why Every Company Needs a Chief Experience Officer (Harvard Business Review) June 2019
² Gallup Q12® Meta-Analysis (Gallup) October 2020

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