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Ultimate gift guide: Top 10 event & corporate gifting trends

Stay ahead of the curve and make a lasting impression with these trendsetting gift ideas.
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Trends are constantly evolving in the world of events and corporate gifting. When it comes to selecting the perfect present that resonates with your attendees, it's essential to stay ahead of the curve. Taking a strategic approach to gifting is critical to make lasting impressions, foster relationships and align your brand with the values and interests of your audience—especially as gifts are an extension of your brand.

Recent trends reflect a strong focus on strategic and innovative giveaways that are thoughtful and forward-thinking. Let's dive into the top 10 gifting trends that will elevate your events and corporate gifting game.

Chasing rainbows

The kaleidoscope of colors is a feast for the eyes and a profound celebration of diversity and joy. With the Pantone Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz, effortlessly integrating itself with the trend of multicolored everything, the myriad of colors signifies more than aesthetic appeal. It embodies the vibrant spirit of inclusivity through the universal language of colors.

This trend makes its mark across various gifting categories, infusing everyday items with an extraordinary burst of hues. The act of choosing multicolored gifts is an intentional celebration of the multifaceted beauty of life and relationships, making every selection a testament to the power of color in connecting people and celebrating individuality.

Vintage vibes

The allure of vintage has seamlessly woven its way into gifting trends, captivating audiences with its classic allure and nostalgic warmth. This resurgence of memorable event giveaways champions the beauty of retro appeal through gifts that echo the past and bridge generations. It's about the physical item and the stories and memories it evokes.

This trend encourages a thoughtful selection of gifts that embrace history and sentimentality. It's a celebration of eras gone by, infusing each gift with meaning for today's discerning audiences. In a digital age where everything seems fleeting, these gifts serve as tangible reminders of enduring connections and cherished memories with your brand, fostering a deeper appreciation for the past within the present moment.  

Prioritizing DEIB

The landscape of events and corporate strategic gifting is increasingly reflective of our diverse and inclusive society. Embracing DEIB in your gifting choices is a powerful statement of your collective values. It's about supporting a narrative of inclusivity, offering a platform for voices that have historically been marginalized.  

Align your company’s values with events and corporate gifts from BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, female-owned businesses, artisans from underrepresented communities and products that champion social equity. By thoughtfully selecting these gifts, you're actively participating in a culture of equity and respect.

Mind & body connection

Another strategic gifting trend sees a significant pivot towards holistic wellness—with options reflecting a deeper acknowledgment of mental and physical health. Gift items aimed at nurturing wellness offer a thoughtful avenue for expressing care and support.  

Invite moments of tranquility into a bustling day with gifts reflected in natural textures and fibers. To encourage the feeling of serenity, give gifts associated with rest, relaxation, self-care and wellness.  

Through these presents, the act of gifting transcends material value, serving as a heartfelt gesture towards enhancing the overall wellbeing of your audience.

Outdoor exploration

With a notable cultural shift emphasizing the allure of nature and outdoor activities, seize the opportunity to curate gifts tailored to individuals captivated by outdoor adventure. Select gifts that align with the recipient’s adventurous spirit, curated to enrich outdoor activities and foster a deeper connection with the beauty of our natural environment.  

These gifts can serve practical purposes and whisper an invitation to step outside, breathe deeply and rediscover the untold stories and serenity that only the wild can offer.

Fresh tech

Tech-savvy event gifts illuminate an era where gifts blend utility with the latest in digital evolution, catering to the ever-growing appetite for connectivity and efficiency.  

Imagine the intrigue in unwrapping a gift that represents the cutting edge of tech—be it wearables that monitor wellness with unprecedented precision or smart gadgets that transform everyday tasks into experiences of ease and delight. This trend champions the integration of technology into daily life that elevates the standard of living through novelty and functionality. The tech trend is a celebration of how far we've come—and a hint at the boundless possibilities ahead.

Elevated nibbles & sips

The appreciation for culinary finesse takes center stage, transforming the simple act of eating and drinking into an art form with elevated nibbles and sips. This trend dives deep into the realms of artisanal craftsmanship and gourmet experiences, offering a palette of flavors that speak volumes of quality and sophistication.  

Embrace the intrigue of mixing sophisticated cocktails and mocktails with a premium kit that comes complete with exotic, botanical-infused syrups. These gifts are about savoring exceptional tastes and exploring a world of culinary excellence, creating moments of joy and discovery through the universal language of food and drink.  

Experiential value

The essence of gifting is deeply intertwined with the enriching realm of experiences. This nuanced trend champions the idea that true value lies in the unforgettable moments and emotions these gifts evoke.  

Picture the excitement of gifting a hot air balloon ride offering panoramic views that etch into memory—or the anticipation of a bespoke culinary workshop, where skills are honed, and palates are delighted in equal measure. Personalize a moment by offering experiences that are custom during an event such as live printing.

These memorable event giveaways are bridges to discoveries, passions and the priceless joy of shared experiences. Opting for experiential gifts is a testament to the profound understanding that what we live through is infinitely more impactful than what we hold in our hands.

Sustainability rising

The movement towards sustainable living has shaped the trajectory of gifting trends, making eco-conscious choices a priority rather than an option. There’s a discernible gravitation towards sustainable corporate gifts that purposefully reduce environmental footprints. These gifts champion the ethos of reuse, recycle and rejuvenate—echoing a commitment to the planet's well-being.  

Sustainable selections underscore a broader narrative. They reflect a shared responsibility toward fostering a more sustainable world. Engaging with this trend, we encourage recipients to move beyond symbolism to embrace gifts that carry profound environmental significance—reinforcing the idea that thoughtful giving can indeed coincide with mindful living.

Comfy cozy

The comfy cozy gifting trend has taken the gifting world by storm, offering a warm embrace in a world that can feel impersonal. Embracing soft textures, soothing colors and snug designs, this trend prioritizes comfort and relaxation above all else.

More than items, these gifts symbolize care and thoughtfulness, embodying the idea of self-care and mindfulness. In a time when stress and anxiety are prevalent, the comfy-cozy trend encourages individuals to prioritize their wellbeing and indulge in simple pleasures.

These gifts offer a gentle reminder to slow down, savor the moment and embrace the comfort of home.

The future of gifting transcends the conventional, encouraging us to explore, connect and contribute in ways that enrich the lives of recipients and the world at large. As we encapsulate the essence of strategic gifting, it becomes clear that our choices are about weaving a deeper narrative that aligns with the values and aspirations of those we appreciate.  

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