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A unique look at Augeo's past, present & the transformative years ahead

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In the first podcast from Entertainment® Rewards & Incentives, Augeo CEO David Kristal shares his perspective on the evolution of loyalty and engagement—and what he believes lies ahead for the industry in a post-COVID world.

"During times of crisis, the status quo gets remade," says David to Entertainment SVP Jim Tachtmann. "And those that are the most agile, most creative and the fastest have a chance to be part of the reorder." As Jim points out, throughout the pandemic, Augeo never took its foot off the pedal.

They also discuss a range of topics, including Augeo's origins, the three pillars that make up the company's engagement philosophy, the power of emotion in the loyalty space and the excitement surrounding card-linking as a multi-channel engagement tool. Their conversation even covers the rise of the connected consumer, the indispensability of metrics and how loyalty has been challenged by the proliferation of choice in recent years.

Don't miss this fascinating discussion in Episode 1: Loyalty & Engagement Solutions presented by Entertainment® Rewards & Incentives—now streaming on YouTube.

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