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Augeo facilitates a loyalty program that rewards professionals for their purchases and their customer's purchases. The rewards program shows that the company thinks about professionals not just within the context of their flooring business, but as people too.


Help their Professional Customer Base (contractors) grow their business.


Augeo launched a points-based loyalty program that rewards professional contractors for both their own and their customers' purchases, while also providing access to exclusive business savings and value-added services.


Proven that 6 months post-enrollment, the average contractor has increased spend in-store up to 30%. The notion that only cash-back incentives creates loyalty has been effectively disproven. Our client's strong emphasis on awards and experiences versus cash has cemented stronger relationships with the contractor base through shared stories of family cruises, concerts, sporting events, home theaters and more.

  • 61K contractors currently enrolled in program
  • 54M points redeemed to-date, representing 12% of total points earned

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