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A go-to-market retail loyalty strategy grows sales

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Augeo deployed and manages a loyalty platform for a specialty flooring company. It offers incentives to retailers who are willing to work more closely with our client. It is set up as a mutually beneficial program.


Increase sales and attract the top flooring retailers regardless of their affiliation with other groups.


A go-to-market loyalty program with reserved access to new products and upgraded rewards.

Ultimately, the program strategy seeks to build a strong partnership with its aligned specialty retailers by creating a streamlined shopping experience for the consumer. Multi-tiered reward levels create new opportunities for partners to unlock more earnings and new redemption categories.

Augeo administers and manages the marketing communication lifecycle for the client's partners including monthly product promotions to vendors.


Anniversary sale promotion
  • 15.1% lift of overall carpet sales for the carpet styles that were being promoted (when compared to the same styles sold during times they were not promoted)
  • 16M total sales without a promotion over a 6-week window – when another 6-week window implemented a promotion, $18,417,228 were total sales
Floor sales promotion
  • 22% sales increase over non-promotional period
  • 76% of participants stated that they directed a customer to a product because of the promotion

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