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Sales soar with rewards for restaurant customers

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Augeo helps one of America's leading food distributors to drive customer acquisition, retention, purchase volume and purchase frequency while acquiring powerful customer insights.


Offer a compelling high-value, points-based rewards program to encourage profitable behaviors and increase customer retention.


Industry-leading cash rewards loyalty program for independent restaurant customers of our client:

Flexible rewards

Point values can be easily adjusted to emphasize and prioritize certain brands to align with corporate sales objectives

Tiered earnings

Incentivize customers to purchase more in order to earn more at the multiplied rates available in segmented tiers

Meaningful value

Customers convert their points to cash in the form of a debit card or rebate check


  • Sales penetration for customers enrolled in our program (45.1%) is 7.5% higher compared to those not enrolled in the program (37.6%)
  • $0.45 of ever $1.00 spent with our client’s customers is on our products
  • YTD, customers have spent an average of $144K+ more than non- customers ($232,780 vs. $88,704)—over 2.6x more revenue per customer

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