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Virtual pop-up shop drives new levels of innovation and employee engagement

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For the third consecutive year, a top multinational technology company sought to reward and engage employees with a limited-time, virtual pop-up shopping experience.


The shopping experience needed to utilize a standalone digital platform to showcase and facilitate the redemption and purchase of a variety of exclusive merchandise.


Utilizing our proprietary engagement and experience platform technology, Augeo implemented a comprehensive, limited-time digital shopping experience for approximately 10,000 employees.


Users were provided with a seamless and intuitive interface through which to purchase coveted, custom-sourced swag across a variety of product categories using up to 100% buy-in as desired—a feature exclusive to this limited-time experience.


While users were able to use points accumulated throughout the year to lower the total cost of their purchases, the option to pay 100% of the cost via credit card enabled and incentivized employees to load up on swag that would otherwise require the redemption of 25% of the cost in points.


Our client received glowing feedback on the pop-up shop experience—which doubled redemption volume from the year prior and yielded impressive metrics that indicate unprecedented employee engagement, including:

  • 3,000 items sold in less than 2 hours
  • 9,000% increase in web traffic from the previous week
  • 47,013 points were redeemed at a value of $1 per point

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