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Engagement strategies boost point redemptions by 56%

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A leading wireless service provider looked to Augeo to improve and energize dealer engagement over a 90-day period. We implemented three solutions that provided stellar results.


A leading wireless service provider sought to improve engagement throughout their network of dealers over a 90-day period. The client required an engagement strategy to energize and incentivize dealers, drive visits to their rewards site and maximize point redemptions throughout the three-month campaign.


To incentivize the target audience and drive an incremental lift in engagement and redemptions for our client, Augeo developed an engagement strategy that empowered the dealers to invest in their own businesses. Drawing on our experience as architects of loyalty and engagement, we tailored the 90-day campaign to include:

Relevant communications

For this initiative, we deployed an engaging communications campaign that included site banners and a series of announcement and promotional emails to capture the attention of dealers. These touchpoints were instrumental in bringing visibility to the campaign and driving enthusiasm throughout the dealer network.

Gamified experiences

To encourage redemptions throughout the campaign, we launched a variety of gamification tactics—including monthly, multi-winner tiered sweepstakes and one overarching sweepstakes. The monthly sweepstakes prizes included assorted merchandise, gift cards and a $500 check to cover business expenses. The 90-day sweepstakes featured a grand prize of $30,000 for the winning dealer’s business to use toward rent.

Meaningful rewards

To further encourage point-redemptions and compel dealers to invest in their businesses, we implemented a program in which the dealers were able to redeem points for valuable business services in exchange for an entry into the monthly sweepstakes and grand prize drawing.


The campaign drove incremental engagement in key metrics, demonstrating the value of relevant and ongoing communications, gamified incentive experiences and meaningful rewards. In addition, dealers saved $291K by participating in this promotion that empowered them to invest in and better their businesses.

  • 56% increase in point-redemptions compared to prior 90-day period
  • 1,319 unique redeemers, 43% more than prior seven months
  • 29.1MM points redeemed throughout the campaign
  • 7% more units redeemed than prior 90-day period

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