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Recognition event prevails as next-gen virtual gifting experience

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Due to the pandemic, a major automotive brand sought a virtual alternative to their annual destination gifting event for their top regional salespeople.


Given that the destination component of past events was as coveted as the gifts, the brand needed the virtual experience to elevate the experience for more than 100 participants through cutting-edge immersion.


Drawing on our expertise as a leader in virtual brand strategy, Augeo produced a prestigious, next-generation virtual shopping experience that immersed attendees in an interactive, three- dimensional event environment complete with white-glove service.


Enabled attendees to interact with a 3D environment without the need for supplemental hardware or software.


Provided attendees with the ability to engage and connect in real time using integrated chat box functionality.


Implemented eight themed gifting booths to provide optionality and accommodate winner tastes and preferences.


Employed a dedicated team of gift concierges to assist winners as they would at an in-person experience.

Community building

Allocated points to winners based on 2020 sales, and provided the option to donate unused points to charity.


This first-of-its-kind gifting experience engaged 102 top salespeople through meaningful recognition, celebration and the ability to strengthen connections with their colleagues. As a result of the option for attendees to donate unused points to charity, the automotive brand raised almost $3,000 for the American Cancer Society.

  • 102 top salespeople engaged
  • ~$3,000 raised for the American Cancer Society
  • 90% of respondents were very satisfied or satisfied with the experience

“The virtual shopping experiences was well-executed.” —Attendee
“I was super impressed with the items available. Awesome experience!” —Attendee