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Gamified rewards program ups engagement by 350%

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A major automotive brand needed to motivate a regional sales team to drive the final push toward meeting their quarterly goals.


Looking for an innovative way to reward effort and achievement, our client turned to us for ideas.


Drawing on decades of experience, Augeo paired innovative technology with proven gamification strategies to reinvigorate a tired sales incentive. Ultimately, we assessed the target and leveraged our strategic gifting expertise to create a new rewards program, including:


Building a custom-branded, interactive website, we created a prize program based on sales.


Real-time ranked leaderboards were incorporated to encourage competition and engagement.


A creative selection of fun and useful items could be unlocked by achieving tiered levels, allowing winners to select their own reward based on their individual tastes and preferences.


The program exceeded dealer expectations, as they had anticipated approximately 200 awards at program completion. In fact, the program yielded over 800 redemptions in total—increasing engagement by 350% and surpassing even their most optimistic sales projections.

  • 800+ total reward redemptions
  • 350% increase in engagement

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