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Breathtaking Iceland adventure drives community building

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A once-in-a-lifetime experience for a regional incentive.


Our client wanted to recognize their region’s top salespeople for an amazing sales year in a truly unforgettable way, so they chose the untouched, wide open land of Iceland as their incentive trip location. Our client also wanted to make sure the group would see the Northern Lights. Augeo was tasked with creating a jaw-dropping experience in a short amount of time, including a guaranteed Northern Lights show. The client needed a flawless, unique event even with a different culture, language barriers, weather, different time zones and unfamiliar event territory.


Augeo had only 48 hours to do an on-site visit in Iceland; generally on-sites in new international destinations can range anywhere from five to ten days. On a non-stop schedule, we secured world-class, luxury accommodations and dining, “must see” tours like the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon, and a Northern Lights night sail. The group activities would prove not only visually stunning but a great way to facilitate camaraderie among the attendees. Intensive destination planning continued as we worked closely with local contractors to ensure the trip would be seamless from pre-trip planning throughout departure. We created an interactive mobile app for attendees to keep communication clear and up-to-date. Concierge touchpoints throughout the trip like ice sculptures featuring the client’s logo on the dining tables, in-room gifting, and gift cards to a local, upscale Icelandic outfitter provided attendees with pampering and exclusivity.

Going even further, we customized the private group activities to exceed the client’s expectations. We coordinated adventures like snowmobiling to an ice cave and the Golden Circle tour, including with viewing a live geyser, the famous Gullfoss Waterfall and the opportunity to go inside a real ice glacier. Attendees touted the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa retreat, where they experienced geothermal, in-water massages and cocktails outside in the Icelandic air, as their favorite part of the trip. We worked with local contractors to closely track the conditions for the highly anticipated Northern Lights viewing; back-up plans for the evening’s sail and visibility were pre-determined by Augeo to ensure our clients would leave with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As it turned out, attendees and locals said that evening’s Northern Lights show was one of the best of the season!

We fearlessly tackled a new international location in a short amount of time peppered with just the right amount of rest and adventure.


By creating private group activities, the attendees were able to have more face-to-face time for the winners with upper management that they don’t often get on a regular basis. Attendees even got a chance to meet each other’s spouses, some for the first time. The event allowed the region to enjoy a new refreshed sense of community and incredible memories. Our attendees hailed this as the most amazing trip they had ever taken!

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