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Our tools significantly boost member retention rates

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Membership retention is one of the greatest challenges for most associations. At the end of the day, the benefits of the membership are most likely the main reason they decided to join. From insurances to discounts and beyond, Augeo has the tools for success.


Increase retention and engagement of a leading state employees’ association. This association works for hardworking state employees and retirees who dedicated their careers to the state. They are committed to protecting and enhancing the rights and benefits (e.g., pay, healthcare, retirement security and workplace rights) of current, retired and future state employees.


Our Perks platform adds value for clients by strengthening the retention and engagement with members/employees/customers by saving them time and money. Through Perks, members/employees/ customers get exclusive offers and discounts on over 300,000 local deals nationwide, including dining, sporting events, movie tickets, concert tickets, travel, home & auto insurance, home improvements, electronics purchasing, gift cards and more.


The association has been a client of Augeo’s (dba Perks) since 1999. Today, the association has more than 50,000 members. Its membership has grown over the years through their outstanding leadership and our Perks platform. It has been one of the tools in their arsenal to help retain and engage members. Specifically, members with insurance tend to stay longer and engage more with the association.

  • 50% of members are enrolled in the platform
  • 6.5% of members have an insurance policy through Augeo’s platform

“Augeo is an invaluable partner and has helped enhance our alumni engagement. Beyond their extensive list of insurances and discounts, they have unique offerings/solutions that not only strengthens the relationship with our alumni, but also increases engagement.” —Director, Alumni Engagement

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