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Virtual meeting successfully delivers on the promise

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An evolving and on-the-move organization in the Biotech space needed to pivot a live meeting to virtual under a tight timeline. However, Augeo knows that a great virtual event is not just a video conference.


Our objective was to create an extraordinary virtual National Sales Meeting that incorporated the elements of a live event including delivering the organization's message, allowing for networking opportunities, completing a certification process and strengthening leaderships’ relationships with the field. All of this needed to happen while keeping the group engaged through creative ways.


Keeping 135 attendees over three days involved in every dynamic of the meeting was at the top of our list. We brought our creativity, attention to detail, and proven experience with technology to the table to exceed our client’s high expectations. Knowing that a great virtual event is not just a video conference, we engaged the five senses to deliver an event that was exciting and energizing:


Music allowed us to energize the group. By starting the meeting with high-energy music and reinstating that theme as we transitioned between sessions, we were able to set the tone throughout each day.


We wanted to make sure our group was interacting with the platform in addition to the space around them. We held a virtual fitness class each morning to kick-off the meeting, marketing materials were shipped to attendees and gifts were provided to enhance the experience.


Creating content that was dynamic allowed us to redirect the focus to the message over the three days. We used videos, graphics, polling, Q&A, and various visual transitions to keep the audience engaged.

Taste & smell

Our virtual wine tasting served to hit our final two senses. We shipped two bottles of wine to attendees and completed a wine tasting with a sommelier and executive leadership.


  • 3-day event
  • 1,230 meeting minutes
  • 37 speaker rehearsals/mini demos for 17 speakers
  • 21 breakout rooms
  • 9 Zoom webinars/meetings
  • 13 videos played

“Overall, meeting was a success. Surpassed my expectations. Celia & Natalie did an awesome job managing & producing the event. Nice work ladies!” —Client Contact, Director of Sales Operations

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