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Transforming uniforms into gifts through experience design

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A strategic blend of live experience design, gifting, creative branding, technology and logistics to help Sprint successfully implement a uniform refresh to 12,000 employees.


When you have a workforce of 12,000 employees, updating uniforms can quickly turn into a daunting task, especially when you’re unveiling not only trendy new designs, but also a variety of clothing items and accessories. Add to that a design to create a branded experience out of the need and some strategy and creativity are needed.

If you then include the ordering and fulfillment process, ensuring each employee has the pieces they want in a timely manner in locations across the U.S. and the stakes rise.

Factor in a short planning timeline that coincided with the 2019 holiday season and the challenge becomes even more overwhelming — that is, until Augeo stepped in.


When you’re making company-wide change like introducing new uniforms, it’s a unique chance if approached right and can be more effective to get company managers energized. The energy spreads from the experience that they had and can have positive effects across employee teams.

Augeo recognized that Sprint had a prime opportunity to engage this key audience at an annual sales conference.

The kicker? A short timeline — four weeks — to plan and execute a world-class retail experience at the annual sales conference, but also all applicable logistical details, including uniform ordering and fulfillment. What’s more: that 4-week timeline included the holidays.

Augeo is built for agility and recognized the value of strategically leveraging the sales conference to build energy and momentum and forged ahead embracing the time challenges.

The first step: enhance Sprint’s new uniforms. Along with core base layers that would be provided to every employee, Augeo also introduced 16 layering pieces ranging from hoodies and blazers to vests and bomber jackets.

"In addition to unveiling a wider variety of uniform pieces, we also wanted to introduce a more modern, trendy option that employees could influence with their own style and more effectively share their personalities," says Leslie Dickerson, director of operations, Augeo.

As uniform designs continued through production, attention simultaneously turned to the most effective and entertaining way to make a splash with the uniform refresh.

Augeo tapped its extensive knowledge of creating immersive, experiential events and created a full Sprint boutique for the sales conference.

A complete retail store was conceived, designed and created in combination of Augeo’s experience design experts, spatial design experts, internal gifting experts and internal creative branding team. This unique combination worked together to create a fully on-brand, thematically engrossing boutique experience.

While at the conference, attendees could come in and shop the boutique, which combined a modern, chic aesthetic with eye-catching displays stocked with branded merchandise, new uniform items and one of the biggest hits of the event: Shoefies, customizable tennis shoes that give employees another opportunity to showcase their personal style.

They could order their personalized choices all through a technology solution designed and executed by the Augeo creative team, extending the true retail experience. Making their choices on iPads while hanging out on the plush, modern furniture helped extend the aesthetic.

In addition to giving managers a chance to see, touch and experience the new uniform pieces, Augeo added interactive elements to make the experience even more fun and shareable. For example, a live screen-printer made specialty shirts on-site, giving attendees a chance to own extremely limited swag. A selfie station gave individuals and teams the perfect place to create high-energy GIFs and Boomerangs while decked out in their Sprint finest.

Along with their new Sprint swag, attendees also took home expertly designed catalogs, so they could share the new uniform options with their employees and help facilitate the ordering process.

That’s where Augeo donned another hat: order fulfillment. Augeo worked with Sprint to develop a comprehensive fulfillment timeline to ensure that new uniforms would consistently roll out across the country. The timeline was a key part of the larger strategic plan to ensure all of Sprint’s logistical and experiential expectations were met without incurring excessive costs, especially given the tight timeline and the increase in uniform quality and options.

"This partnership with Sprint is a prime example of the true intersection of live experiences, technology and the gifting experience," Dickerson says. "It demonstrates the impact a brand can have by meeting employees where they’re excited, then influence behavioral steps through that excitement. It’s an emotional experience for the employees and it truly shows how that company values them and their contributions."


In just four weeks, Augeo planned and led an experience-driven fully immersive retail initiative to outfit 12,000 Sprint employees with new uniforms. More than 1,000 store managers shopped a built-from-scratch Sprint boutique during an annual sales conference, where they tried on and pre-ordered three new uniform pieces via an easy to use custom digital solution. They could also choose additional options from both base layers and layering options.

Once the managers took catalogs and ordering information back to their stores nationwide, Augeo managed the order fulfillment process, all through the same technology solution to ensure uniform pieces were sent efficiently and correctly. Each of Sprint’s 12,000 employees was given three uniform pieces, with the option to purchase additional pieces.

Augeo will continue to work with Sprint to facilitate ordering, delivery and a personalized experience to newly on-boarded employees, as well as providing replacement pieces as needed.

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