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Seeding community collaboration through event innovation

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An experiential event that brought together policymakers and entrepreneurs to find real solutions to common problems in communities nationwide.


Our clients set their sights on bringing together entrepreneurs, mayors, economic developers, grassroots community leaders, university leaders, academics, philanthropists, corporate leaders and media to brainstorm building communities for entrepreneurial success. Selecting a location that embodied the mission of the conference and was suitable for facilitating meetings, networking and entertainment challenged us to think outside the box.


Rather than utilizing traditional event space, Augeo transformed co-working space and an entire city block to create a unique backdrop for the event and reflect the innovative and game-changing spirit of the event.


This innovative use of space set the tone for the event with thoughtful and intentional use of space to demonstrate possibility and evolution. Mayors were able to see Oakland in a new light as they strategized how best to nurture entrepreneurship for their own cities. A unique stage set that included confidence monitors, content design, video playback and webcasting helped a wide variety of speakers deliver to an engaged audience.

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