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A week-long marketing event to introduce Ford’s model-year fleet preview.


Ford wanted to combine its annual fleet vehicle preview with strategic meetings to optimize time and expense, ensuring efficient use of resources. Over 1,300 attendees included Ford’s top commercial, government, and rental fleet customers, along with Ford employees, exhibitors and suppliers. The chosen host city, Detroit, did not contain a hotel and event space to accommodate a group of this size with these event needs. Complicating matters is the fact that attendees would be arriving on various days and to attend a wide variety of functions, all during a weeklong event. So communication, scheduling, transportation, accommodations and entertainment created a large and complex web of planning and execution.


Coordinating closely with our client, we strategically divided the attendees into groups and sub-groups based on their agenda for the week. This was the starting point for everything from accommodations to transportation to our communications strategy. Data was complied for each group and each attendee to facilitate all phases of personalized attendee destination planning and interaction.

Each touch point was an immersive branded experience. We sent out personalized registration invitations, designed 47 customized pre-trip informational emails, 10 different versions of name tags, 51 customized welcome packets and agendas, and 14 meeting agendas to ensure every individual got the exact information they required. Key to communication was the custom-built app, downloaded by 98% of attendees and logging an impressive 30,764 user actions. Signage was strategic and intentional, and of course further plunged the crowd into a fully Ford-branded environment.


As attendees arrived onsite, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. The registration team used iPads to stay mobile and responsive during arrivals. Each member of our on-site staff could access the record of personalized materials a guest was to receive. Six easy-access onsite check in locations printed arrivals documents in real time. Group push notifications and texts were distributed to attendees throughout the event, ensuring everyone was able to stay on top of the complex schedule. Customized signage adorned everything from shuttles to reserved seating. Attendee evaluations reported a smooth and seamless experience for guests from check-in to departure.

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