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Investor annual meeting delivers successful results

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As an investment firm, only the best will be accepted—whether it is in product, service or relationships. The expectation is that the firm be able to deliver that to their customers/clients as well. Providing top of the line training, industry and company updates and providing it at the highest caliber possible is the norm.


The annual investors meeting was scheduled to take place Spring 2020, as an in-person event, as it had for many years prior. As the seriousness of COVID-19 was being recognized, the investment firm realized that an in-person meeting was no longer feasible. A quick transition in thought and approach had the Senior Partners working through how to provide the same quality of event, with the same content in a virtual environment.


Upon hearing the needs, Augeo pulled together a team of event professionals from across the organization to technically and professionally produce the annual meeting for the client. It took operational skills, digital marketing skills and IT support skills. A few solutions were considered, and Zoom webinar was selected as the best platform to achieve the goals.


Combine talent with tactical documents such as show flows and speaker best practices for the Zoom environment, and 3 dry-run rehearsals, and the end result was a flawlessly executed event, which brought the organization together in a new and attainable way.

  • 3 weeks to transition from an in-person to virtual event
  • 200 attendees
  • 10 speakers representing company updates
  • 1 retired US military general
  • 3.5 hours of content, hosted on Zoom webinar, with less than 10% drop-off for the duration of the event

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