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Hybrid experience design transforms industry-leading conference

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A leading provider of entrepreneurial tools and thought leadership sought to transform their annual three-day conference from in-person to hybrid due to the pandemic.


The client needed to accommodate preferences and comfort levels of 37 in-person and virtual sponsors, four keynote speakers and over 1,300 in-person and virtual attendees—with COVID-19 safety protocols top of mind.


As leaders in strategic experience design, Augeo created a COVID-conscious, true hybrid conference from ideation to execution. Throughout this intentionally designed experience, distinct tracts and segmented content intersected seamlessly to deliver value to both in-person and virtual attendees.


We developed 25 hybrid sessions which included a full production team and camera operators across each breakout room.


Virtual conferencing technology allowed us to leverage permissions and segment content, enhancing the experience for each audience. We also developed a comprehensive, 30-day on-demand content video plan to provide additional optionality for attendees.


The customized mobile app delivered individualized, curated content and separate push notifications based on audience type.


Color-coordinated wristbands for in- person attendees denoted individual preferences for social distancing and contact. In-person attendees received sanitizer and masks, with staggered seating and capacity limits in place to provide additional precautions.


App chat functionality enabled in- person and virtual attendees to interact in real time, enhancing the sense of connectedness. Traction tables provided virtual group networking opportunities.


A swag store and help desk were available for both in-person and virtual attendees.


Over 1,300 in-person and virtual profiles were claimed, indicating a high turnout and audience engagement. Additionally, 3,400 minutes of valuable content was recorded for on-demand access. A post-event survey also captured highly favorable feedback from both in-person and virtual attendees.

  • 1,300 in-person and virtual profiles claimed
  • 3,400 minutes of valuable content recorded

“The conference was put together with great professionalism.” —Attendee
“Absolutely AWESOME to get back to the in-person event! Great networking opportunities and great breakouts!” —Attendee

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