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Virtual conference engages 14K attendees across 100+ countries

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Crestron Electronics, a leading manufacturer and distributor of audiovisual equipment, sought to transform their in-person Crestron NEXT conference into a virtual experience.


The event needed to engage a multinational audience of audiovisual engineering and production experts for two days across different time zones and continents—including mainland China. It also needed to serve as a lead generation channel for the client’s sales team.

Developing a virtual experience on a global scale requires strategy, creativity and expertise.


Augeo developed a robust and comprehensive content strategy to engage over 14,000 virtual attendees from more than 100 countries across two days. We utilized the Pathable virtual event platform to create a custom website and support the delivery of relevant content to diverse, segmented audiences. The success of the conference was propelled by:

Engaging, relevant content

Over 400 sessions of engaging content included keynote presentations, product demonstrations, product stories and live panels with industry experts. We also facilitated live Q&A sessions across 20 global regions in the language of each region—and entertainment breaks featuring a comedian, magician and trivia.

Personalized platform technology

The website we created through Pathable was tailored to Crestron’s brand standards and welcomed attendees via a video on the homepage. The site also featured helpful session summary and attendee guides, and product spotlight pages offered instant access to 3D models, spec sheets and sales collateral.

Multi-pronged sales approach

Sales teams were mobilized to engage customers via live chat, video chat and scheduled one-on-one meetings. This strategy empowered salespeople to connect and interact with customers across several channels to form and strengthen key relationships.

Comprehensive tech stack

We utilized a variety of simultaneous streaming solutions to securely stream the entire conference across the globe and into mainland China with no issues. Over 60 Augeo team members staffed the on-site production studio at our client’s headquarters to handle production, provide support and manage all IT.

We utilized a variety of production technologies to securely stream the conference across the globe.


The virtual conference was a resounding success. Over 14,000 people in more than 100 countries participated in the event, which earned praise from the industry as well as from the client and from attendees.

  • 14,000 virtual attendees
  • 100+ countries represented by attendees
  • 400+ sessions of content
  • 60 unique platform permission groups

"Really impressed with the NEXT production. Only a few minutes in and they’ve put to shame the two most recent ‘national’ conventions." —Attendee
"Thanks to the entire team! You guys have turned our vision into reality.” —Client