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Media camping adventures elevate product showcase

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Two overnight camping media events to showcase Nissan vehicles and capabilities.


Nissan wanted to invite national automotive and social media influencers to two different overnight events with rugged locations. The first event would showcase the towing capabilities of Nissan vehicles with a focus on vacationing. The second event would unveil Nissan’s new Destination Frontier truck, donate a Nissan Titan to the National Park Conservancy, and recognize Nissan’s commitment to building more campgrounds in our national parks. Being in off-road destinations was important to the story Nissan wanted to create. Fostering an authentic connection to the trucks through a meaningful event, instead of executing a cookie-cutter media drive, was paramount. Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon were chosen as the host sites for two distinct, bucket list-worthy glamping experiences: Nissan Vacation On Wheels and Nissan Titan Adventure.


By hosting two separate events, media attention could focus first solely on vehicle towing capacity and how that enhances vacationing. Then, the focus could shift to the unveiling of the new Destination Frontier truck. This meant our first priority was securing two equally worthy locations that were also close enough in proximity to run both events efficiently.

Nissan Vacation on Wheels

For the first event, titled Nissan Vacation on Wheels, we identified the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park as good opportunities to showcase how Nissan and gorgeous locations fit together to create new vacation memories. Next, we successfully navigated the regulations and permits required for both national parks to allow a corporation to host national media events inside the parks.

It was important that even the most non-outdoorsy types of people enjoy the overall experience and accommodations. In keeping with the “rugged, yet classy” feel of Nissan, we researched and selected resort-like camping situations. We sourced AutoCamp, a brand new, overnight Airstream glamping experience located right outside Yosemite National Park. We also built a partnership with Airstream Travel Trailers to display the towing prowess of Nissan vehicles and present a new spin on vacationing.

Attendees were divided into teams who drove Nissan trucks from the airport to Autocamp. Teams were built to enhance camaraderie, and re-create a feeling of being on a camping trip with friends. A local fairground was chosen for a towing school, complete with towing challenges in which guests could participate and test their skills. Hands-on experiences were designed to help the guests realize firsthand the power and ease of vehicle handling. Activities were carefully selected, such as s’mores around the campfire, and choices of professionally led hikes, biking and mountaineering lessons, to take this from a basic media drive to a mini retreat.

Nissan Titan Adventure

Only three weeks later, just outside Grand Canyon National Park, we created the second experience: Nissan Titan Adventure. Through a partnership with Under Canvas, we offered guests a luxury tent campground complete with wood burning stoves, furniture and private bathrooms in the tents.

After arriving at Under Canvas, attendees were greeted with a celebrity chef-prepared meal served out of the back of the Smoking Titan BBQ truck. The next two days were packed with exclusive adventures, like an overlanding drive experience in the new Destination Frontier truck and an excursion through the Grand Canyon with talks by local park rangers. The overlanding experience highlighted the advantages of driving a Destination Frontier in real-life situations. Priceless photo ops were skillfully curated through activities to create beautiful backdrops and scenes to elevate the promotion of Nissan after the trip concluded. Additional activities included visiting the site of the Nissan-built campground, peeking in on the canyon’s working mules, and attending a farewell dinner on historic Route 66.

Detailed planning and execution of all pre-trip plans and communications ensured both events would be seamless upon arrival.

While at both campgrounds, guests were attended to through various concierge services, including hospitality tents, guest-curated campfire Spotify playlists, Nissan-branded amenities and camping equipment, and personalized welcome packets. Guests were also treated to a celebrity chef-led signature dining experience at both campsites, allowing the attendees to enjoy a high level of service even in remote locations.

In keeping with the purpose of the events, attendees posted, tweeted and hashtagged our events due to the sheer love of their own Nissan adventures.


We combined unique locations, environmentally authentic activities, and immersive branding opportunities to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for attendees and clients alike. Fearlessly embracing Nissan’s ideas to use the national parks – and take them to the next level – was one of the key differentiators. From providing a sweatshirt on a chilly night to locating gourmet ingredients for our chefs, our impeccable onsite service made guests and clients feel pampered. Our flawless execution and eye for detail has fostered a peace of mind with our client that they have come to know and trust.

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