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Reinvigorating a mission through visionary innovation

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An immersive rebranding and re-launch of the Citizen CPR Foundation, its conference and programs to meet the changing needs of the organization.


The Citizen CPR Foundation (CCPRF) was founded in 1987 by the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association with a mission to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest by stimulating effective community, professional and citizen action.

Historically, Augeo has managed CCPRF’s biennial Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update (or ECCU) Conference — the largest gathering in the field of sudden cardiac arrest. The date of the conference historically lined up with the release of the updated Cardiac Arrest Guidelines, but when the release dates shifted to a rolling basis, the organization’s conference timeline became uncertain. Was the EECU Conference still even needed? Would the content be timely enough to generate robust conference attendance to train and educate? Would this shift result in loss of relevance for the foundation? After a number of deep discovery, strategic meetings with CCPRF, we determined that preserving their rich history as well as making new strides toward the future were the priorities. Augeo saw an opportunity to reinvigorate the entire organization and maximize their cause through completely new means, while also maintaining their integrity and preserving the valuable conference experience that built a tight-knit community of dedicated professionals with a shared mission.


Augeo developed visionary new strategies designed to move the needle on cardiac arrest survival rates in the U.S. This “new day” for the foundation proved to be a large paradigm shift. Because of our established relationship with CCPRF, we were able to eventually build consensus and excitement for a concept to expand the foundation’s efforts nationally — and ultimately globally — via the creation of new grassroots programs and strategic partnerships.

First, we reimagined the biennial conference and rebranded it as the Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit, to cast a broader net for both the audience and intent of the conference. We drew together first responders, nurses, program leaders, CPR trainers, educators, researchers, trainers and citizens from all over the world. We also added new events to interject energy into the revamped conference, alongside the amazing industry leaders and speakers for which the gathering was historically known.

Next, Augeo designed and spearheaded the national launch of two new programs: HEARTSafe Communities, a grassroots community initiative, and 40 Under 40, a recognition program for the resuscitation field. HEARTSafe Communities is a set of sudden cardiac arrest training, preparation and response protocols that can be implemented at the local level. Successful implementation of established standards and criteria earn a community the official designation of HEARTSafe Community. The 40 Under 40 program was created to engage a new demographic of thought leaders and heroes in the field, organically increasing awareness for the foundation and building a new network of engaged innovators and leaders in the field. The honorees are formally recognized at the Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit.

At the same time, CCPRF underwent an immersive rebranding initiative, including revamping their logo and website to jumpstart their fresh, modern identity. They continue to implement a steady drumbeat of communication through an integrated marketing campaign, including the use of quarterly e-newsletters, integrated social media campaigns, and national press releases to cast a spotlight on the organization’s latest developments and generate awareness for their mission nationwide.

Augeo also helped the foundation stretch beyond their typical collaboration to create a Partner Council. We developed a model for onboarding mission-aligned businesses, non-profits, and industry leaders to work in partnership with CCPRF on the new programs. Partner funds are used to sponsor ongoing, national awareness-building campaigns and establish operating capital for CCPRF to help meet the shared mission to save more lives from cardiac arrest.


With the implementation of each component of Augeo’s plan, the Citizen CPR Foundation became more comfortable with the changes and even more excited about the results. CCPRF has received overwhelming positive feedback on their new look and communications. The conference will maintain its position as the world’s most comprehensive and inclusive conference in the field of cardiac arrest survival. Through our strategic development of new partnerships, CCPRF has raised over $200K in the first phase of fundraising. The response has been so positive that the foundation has launched a second round of fundraising with an aggressive goal to reach $1M, allowing it to further expand and enhance the current programs for global impact. Augeo continues to manage the strategic evolution of the organization as a whole to become an industry leader in sudden cardiac arrest information, education and initiatives worldwide. The future is bright for the Citizens CPR Foundation; they are on a trajectory for heroic success.

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