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A progressive group of companies providing electricity and natural gas solutions to homes and businesses came to Augeo to help build loyalty and engage their customers with perks.


  • Increase engagement of energy customers
  • Build brand loyalty and reduce customer turnover
  • Increase electronic billing enrollment
  • Add value to their services


Augeo launched a loyalty program that rewards customers for managing their account, engaging in social media and playing games.

There are currently over 275,000 customers, who enjoy participation point earning opportunities that include educational messaging, games, testimonial submissions, polls, referrals and passive reward earning opportunities that include bill payment, renewal, paperless enrollment and more.

Members can redeem their points for gift cards, merchandise, auction items or sweepstake entries. On average, a member can earn enough points for $40 in redemption value per year. The program also offers deals, discounts and valuable insurances to customers.


The program has succeeded in engaging our client's customer base, resulting in a 10 month increase in net retention and net revenue per member. We continue to focus on program growth and recently expanded into their Canada market as well.

  • 46% increase in customer life cycle (21.2 months to 31.1 months)
  • 65% open rate on emails
  • 12% average monthly customer log-ins

“We have developed a great partnership with Augeo and their creativity and flexibility in designing a program to fit the unique needs of the energy sector is evident in all aspects of the program.” —Karen Carter, XOOM Energy

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