Build brand affinity, elevate engagement

Configurable platform to inspire, engage and retain loyal customers. Strategic tools to attract more customers, motivate increased purchasing and encourage meaningful brand interactions.
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Flexible Platform

Increasing engagement at every stage of the consumer journey

Customizable platform to address specific brand objectives and deliver personalized experiences for customers.
Customizable platform
Our customer engagement programs address the specific goals of your brand and the needs of your business. We feature solutions to help you boost traffic, increase trust and foster sales.
Configurable rewards
Points, tokens, tiers, badges or levels, our engagement experts, averaging over ten years experience, can help you craft a program that inspires customers to participate and offers rewards that create lasting impressions. We offer everything from a specialized points bank to tailored redemption catalogs.
Gamified interactions
The most effective loyalty engagement programs encourage brand interactions that go beyond transactions. We offer games, contests, challenges, polls and more to create entertaining experiences that encourage long term brand affinity.
Detailed reporting dashboard
Knowing what's working and what needs to evolve is important for long term success. Our reporting suite can be customized to give you the information you need in the timeframe you require. Realtime "at a glance" metrics to see daily activity, monthly and quarterly analysis to assess overall program performance.
Omni channel marketing
Our experienced loyalty marketing team can support your marketing efforts or create digital, print or video campaigns to promote your loyalty program and encourage participation.
Strategic innovation
Maybe you are looking just to support an existing rewards program or create a new approach for specific customer segments. Our innovative engagement solutions can help you capture opportunity and increase revenue with your under-engaged customer segments.
Consumers crave simplicity
Our offer content is deployed in a modern experience to leverage discounts, offers, benefits and more. The delivery strategy personalizes the experience to attract consumers with compelling content and meaningful value.

Attract, retain & motivate with meaningful benefits

Membership Loyalty

Configure an assortment of value-added benefits to meet the unique interests of your membership.

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Insurances & Voluntary Benefits

Insurances and voluntary benefits deliver practical value today and can help protect your constituents in the future.

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"Augeo supports our 4 unique rewards programs, evolving the creative and experience regularly to deliver relevant and engaging content to our customers."
- Director of marketing
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