Membership loyalty

Create compelling communities, foster growth

Build stronger connections, offer greater membership value and empower members to create a more connected community based on common interests.
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customized programs

Designed to fit consumer demographics across all audiences

Enhanced member benefits generate interest, encourage member engagement and elevate retention. Select from a wide assortment of membership benefits to add value to your membership. Configure an assortment of value added benefits to meet the unique interests of your membership.
Health & wellness

Help members achieve their fitness and health goals, staying safe at home.

Benefits Include:
•  At home testing
•  At home healthcare
•  At home prescriptions
•  At home workouts
•  At home dining & shopping
•  At home cleaning

Tech support

We offer a comprehensive suite of technology support services that includes secure, remote technical support, computer protection software, self-help tools and cell phone protection.

Everyday discounts

Members will find instant savings in their neighborhood and across the country. Membership is packed with thousands in savings on fine and casual dining, local attractions, travel, shopping and much more.

ID protection

Our services help protect member's identity and finances from theft and fraud. Members will receive protection from the major types of identity theft with robust monitoring and a team that works to get their ID back should it be stolen.

Pet care

Our services and discounts empower our members to save on everything from vaccinations, surgeries, medications, grooming and more. We have the tools to help members take care of their furry friends for less.

Roadside assistance

Our services and discounts empower our members to save time and money on everyday auto services. From roadside assistance to vehicle maintenance and repair, Augeo has the tools to keep them covered.

new engaging member benefits
of local offers and everyday discounts
Build Community
With our connectivity tool
Our tool will help you build a more responsive, agile, resilient organization by better understanding members and delivering higher value experiences.
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Data-rich profiles
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Real-time data insights
"We have developed a great partnership with Augeo and their creativity and flexibility in designing a program to fit the unique needs of the energy sector is evident in all aspects of the program.

Augeo took the time to research how we engage our customers throughout their lifecycle and identified opportunities to rebrand. The loyalty platform, designed by Augeo, engages the customer with rewards for desired behaviors. The prizes offered are extensive and fit almost every stage of a consumer's lifestyle with new rewards featured weekly."
- Sales Support & Rewards Manager
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Membership loyalty

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