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Augeo launches trial for JOYN, a unique connectivity tool to help organizations address a world disrupted by COVID-19

April 30, 2020

ST. PAUL, MN (April 30, 2020)Augeo, a global leader in engagement solutions, is introducing a connectivity platform to help organizations strengthen relationships in a world disrupted by social isolation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform, called JOYN, brings employees together in ways that most connectivity tools do not, focusing on aligning goals, building community and enriching culture. JOYN was developed in partnership with Structural, using their advanced technology and data science capabilities.

Augeo is offering the platform free of charge until 2021 to help companies more effectively stay connected, align on critical company priorities and build more resilient cultures.

"Most organizational connectivity tools focus on the technology versus helping people really connect, build community and deepen relationships," explained Ken Greer, Augeo CMO. "Augeo's focus goes beyond building the technology to enable communications. Our goal is to help organizations create more collaborative teams, identify challenges faster and solve problems more quickly. JOYN strengthens the human connections that accelerate results and make work meaningful."

JOYN works at the intersection of work life and home life. Work-from-home mandates have meant that millions of employees are dealing with daily disruptions they are not accustomed to. In homes across America, the kitchen table has become the home office and the break room has become the backyard or the balcony. COVID-19 has forced workers everywhere to develop new means of creating and nurturing relationships. What replaces the hallway conversations, the quick thumbs up about a pending project or the pulse check to see how things are going? JOYN helps fill the gaps caused by social distancing.

"Even before the current crisis, we saw that work life and home life were converging," said David Kristal, Augeo CEO. "We began working on a solution that took a different view–one characterized by achieving a healthy work/life blend–enabling employees to exchange information about themselves more transparently, authentically and with greater control. JOYN encourages blending personal stories, interests and even quirky traits with work-related information, skills and competencies. We foster workplaces where people care about each other. We have seen that when actions are driven by understanding and empathy, engagement is elevated and outcomes are optimized."

JOYN is not simply another public social platform. Rather, it is designed for organizations comprising 250 to 250,000 people who want the security of a private, secure, company engagement space. Employees can feel comfortable creating their profiles because information is protected by the company’s security measures and authenticated by user log-in. The platform can be up and running in less than one week. Integration with advanced human resource software, company intranets or communication tools is available but not required.

Key features of JOYN particularly useful during the crisis include the ability to form groups like a COVID- 19 rapid response team to plan for anything from loan applications to dealing with possible virus exposure. Instant polls and surveys help companies know the daily pulse of workers who are working from home. Posting company-wide or departmental news is instant with JOYN, enabling employees to comment or make suggestions. Groups can easily be formed for anything from planning a virtual happy hour to protective mask distribution.

"Tens of thousands are already benefiting from the platform. JOYN is designed for this moment and beyond. Companies are turning to JOYN to coordinate their return-to-work protocols. Being able to collect data about who is engaging, who is leading, who is collaborating, what issues people care most about, all will inform better, data-driven decision-making for company leaders. We are grateful to be in a position to help others with this free trial offer," commented Kristal.


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