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Augeo introduces REACH, the modern employee engagement platform

January 29, 2019

ST. PAUL, MN (January 29, 2019) — REACH, the modern employee engagement platform from Augeo, provides a new way for companies to energize, inspire, and connect employees to achieve their potential and contribute to company success. With REACH, HR leaders now have an integrated toolset to develop a deeper understanding of the skills and interests of each employee, as well as ways to encourage teamwork, facilitate career development, and promote cultural alignment.

"We believe that the time is right for looking at employee engagement in a more comprehensive fashion," said David Kristal, Augeo CEO. "For two decades, our focus as a company has been on engaging people, whether they be customers, employees or members. When you approach engagement on a very human level, seeking to understand individual motivations, needs, wants, and wishes, you are better equipped to deliver meaningful results."

The REACH platform brings together four elements to enrich the employee experience:

  1. Rewards and recognition tools
  2. Savings offer network
  3. Voluntary benefits collection, including supplemental insurance products
  4. SocialStack, providing instant employee connectivity to people and resources
"We no longer live in a one-size-fits-all world," said Erik Sorensen, Augeo Chief Product Officer. "If you really want to connect with and motivate an employee, the experience needs to be personally relevant. REACH can present a tailored experience based on user preferences, company role, and history of interactions. Managers report that when employees feel like the company knows them and understands their needs, participation increases and engagement elevates."

The SocialStack element of REACH addresses a gap in today's rewards and recognition programs. SocialStack provides for less formal, direct dialogue between individuals, within work groups, among "shared-interests" communities, and with leadership.

"We believe employee engagement is dynamic and should be monitored in real time, on an on-going basis, instead of a periodic survey or annual review," said Ken Greer, Augeo Chief Marketing Officer. "Pulse polls, data-informed insights, dashboard monitoring, recognition notifications, all help company leadership monitor engagement and make adjustments as circumstances dictate. Employee interactions can provide a treasure trove of insightful data to uncover opportunities and guide leadership decisions."

REACH is called the modern engagement platform because it provides new ways for HR leaders and managers to know their employees, better understand what they value, and help them engage based on interests, aspirations, and career goals. The platform is easily integrated with most HRIS and can be custom-configured to meet specific company engagement objectives.


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