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Augeo deploys rapid response solution to in-person event challenges

May 21, 2020

ST. PAUL, MN (May 21, 2020)Augeo, an innovative leader in employee, member and consumer engagement solutions, is leveraging more than 40 years of experience producing live events to drive unprecedented growth in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the surge in demand from organizations now seeking virtual event alternatives. As the COVID-19 crisis first began to unfold, Augeo took immediate action to leverage its live meetings and events experience to include a host of virtual solutions.

"When you work with more than 50 Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of others, you need to constantly evolve your platform and services," commented Kari Vrba, Augeo Chief Commercial Officer. "We had this mindset long before the pandemic, so we have been able to refocus our efforts to the virtual environment quickly. Being both a technology driven platform company and a high-touch service provider, we were in a good position to rapidly add digital and virtual approaches to our meetings and events offerings. Clients have been very receptive and appreciative that we had imaginative solutions ready and waiting."

The Augeo solution relies on extensive experience in designing and managing all aspects of a successful event. These elements include strategy and planning, building an appropriate technology ecosystem, production experience design and delivery, plus data collection and synthesis to garner insights.

"Virtual meetings and events have become an important digital touchpoint, so organizations need to prepare differently to create a cohesive experience for their audiences," explained Juli Gilbert, Vice President of Marketing for Augeo. "The same care and attention that went into site selection, preparing for the keynote, or designing informational handouts, now is directed to creating a highly personalized, engaging digital experience. In addition to our large scale, user-directed, instant access approach, we offer a 3D spatially-optimized alternative that allows an attendee to travel through a virtual convention and experience various booths, visit with sponsors/partners or attend breakout sessions."

One of the hallmarks of the Augeo platform is the integration of highly interactive elements. Games and contests, pulse polls and benchmarking leaderboards can be used to elevate engagement and deliver entertainment value, increasing connectivity between attendees and fostering relationship building.

"We use the term 'virtual experiences' because that's what both event sponsors and attendees are looking for," explained Joe Keller, Augeo President of Enterprise Engagement. "Companies and participants have always sought experiences that make an impact, offer new and exciting information that enhances lives and develop conferences that help people make better decisions. The best events foster relationships and create memories that endure. It is important that virtual events do the same. The extensive expertise of our team at Augeo informs how we craft virtual experiences for clients, never losing sight of the importance of making an impact on each person who attends."

Augeo's event solutions can be highly customized to meet the needs of each client. Services include planning and promotion for pre-registration, information for post-registration communications, event experience design and deployment, technology integration and data collection, post-event resource distribution, insights and analysis. In addition, the Augeo platform can facilitate year-long attendee connectivity, interaction design, as well as polls and surveys to help plan for future events based on user feedback.

"We firmly believe live events will return in force as we learn how to manage within the current pandemic environment because nothing can replace human connection through live interaction. In the meantime, we take great comfort knowing that Augeo has rapidly adapted to enable our clients to accomplish their more immediate goals. The explosive growth we are witnessing in our virtual meetings and events business is a validation of our readiness and resilience as an organization," said David Kristal, CEO of Augeo.


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Augeo is a leader in engagement, loyalty and incentive platforms developing new solutions and innovative technology. Augeo helps organizations engage and retain employees, customers, channel partners and members. Our membership benefits and insurances, employee recognition, sales incentives, virtual and live meetings and events solutions elevate engagement and build stronger relationships. With more than 40 years of experience, Augeo serves 52 Fortune 500 companies, and many others, supporting hundreds of engagement solutions worldwide.

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