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Augeo acquires Structural, fueling its workplace engagement growth engine

October 4, 2022

ST. PAUL, MN (Oct. 4, 2022)Augeo, a global leader in enterprise engagement and loyalty platform technology, announced today that it has acquired Structural, an integrated community, mobility and connectivity platform technology for employee engagement. Effective Oct. 1, the acquisition represents the culmination of a multi-year partnership between the two companies that have delivered innovative solutions to advance employee engagement, career advancement and organizational connectivity.

"Structural’s evolution and growth has led to the development of a market-leading community and connectivity platform technology that connects employees to their employer and each other. The technology aligns with Augeo’s enterprise engagement strategy and social architecture toolset," said David Kristal, Augeo Founder & CEO. "We are bringing together our teams and technology to create a robust, unparalleled portfolio of people-first workplace solutions—energizing Augeo's momentum as a global leader in workplace engagement."

Structural's community and connection technology is being deployed via Augeo's suite of platform-based workplace engagement tools—supporting inclusive, authentic, unified and meaningful workplace experiences for diverse groups of employees across the world’s top brands.

Kristal explained, "The past few years of workplace upheaval underscores the need to build stronger, more connected, collaborative organizations. Hybrid workplaces require new forms of connection, where people feel a sense of team and leverage each other for collective success worldwide. Similarly, brands seek to build interactive customer communities where they share affinity for valuable products and services. Organizations want members to build community and feel a greater sense of belonging. The combined experience, expertise and technology platforms of Augeo and Structural bring to market an unmatched, fully integrated platform to energize connections and fortify more productive organizational cultures."
"Joining forces with Augeo will enable us to quickly elevate our growth," said Scott Burns, Structural's Founder & CEO. "Our commonalities form a holistic approach to workplace engagement, creating new opportunities for organizations to build connected, stronger and more productive organizational cultures. Our shared values provide an exciting framework for success rooted in the same care and passion we have for our clients and customers."

This acquisition also positions Augeo to better capture evolving opportunities as companies embrace technologies that connect employees, channel partners, consumers, subscribers and members in purpose-driven ways. Together, Augeo and Structural will continue to shape the future for more connected workplaces, stronger communities and productive organizational cultures.


About Augeo

Augeo is a global leader in enterprise engagement and loyalty technologies that drive transformational experiences and foster meaningful connections for employees, channel partners, consumers, subscribers and members across industries. We elevate engagement and strengthen relationships for our clients through our workplace engagement, experiential marketing, customer loyalty and crypto loyalty solutions. With more than 45 years of experience, Augeo serves hundreds of clients including dozens of Fortune 500 companies, representing millions across the globe using our proprietary platform technology. Our mission is inspiring people to achieve more—one interaction, transaction and experience at a time.

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About Structural

Structural is a discovery platform that connects members, customers or employees to create stronger, more productive cultures. Structural is a fully integrated technology partner of Augeo whose community and connection platform technology has been deployed into Augeo’s workplace engagement and experience platforms. Structural uses organizational data to launch dynamic directories and internal opportunity marketplaces, enabling people to connect with ease and efficiency. Structural’s vision has caught the attention of investors and enterprise organizations alike. Seed investors in launching Structural included tech industry icons. AOL Co-Founder Steve Case invested through Revolution's Rise of the Rest Seed fund. Scott Dorsey, the Co-Founder of ExactTarget which became the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, invested through High Alpha, an Indianapolis-based Venture Studio that designs and builds B2B software-as-a-service companies with world-class founders. High Alpha is a venture studio that assisted in co-founding Structural with Scott Burns in 2017.

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