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Embracing the evolution of experiential

Strategies & technologies to deliver transformative brand experiences

Discover the power of data‑driven experiences and customized attendee journeys

Elevate brand experiences.
Elevate brand experiences.

As a global leader in experiential engagement, Augeo empowers top brands worldwide to embrace the rapid evolution of the meetings and events industry.

Join us for an engaging video series on the future of experience strategy and design. In each episode, Augeo’s President, Experience Joan Wells and Vice President, Experiential Marketing Kevin Cobb will share insights on how to elevate brand experiences through ingenuity and innovation.

Joan Wells

President, Experience

Kevin Cobb

VP, Experiential Marketing


The top 10 global event trends & innovations

In a world craving authenticity, events have evolved into microcosms of collaboration—personalized journeys fueled by individuality within community—where strategy and technology converge to unleash extraordinary brand experiences.

In this episode, we explore the most impactful trends advancing the experiential industry.


The critical role of event technology & data-fueled insights

The power of data-driven experiences is undeniable. Top organizations are leveraging data intelligence technologies to capture actionable insights that inform the personalization and optimization of every aspect of the attendee journey.

In this episode, we dive into a range of technological advancements driving tangible impact.


The impact of AI in revolutionizing attendee journeys

Artificial intelligence has emerged as a catalyst for progress—reshaping industries to ignite a new era of unparalleled innovation and human potential characterized by boundless opportunity. Early adopters are enjoying a strategic advantage.

In this episode, we uncover experiential transformations driven by artificial intelligence.

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