Insurances & Benefits

Safeguard your people’s wellbeing

Wide-spectrum coverage and meaningful benefits from major carriers for employees, customers and members.

Insurances & Voluntary Benefits

Want to protect the wellbeing of your people?

Deliver wide-spectrum coverage and meaningful benefits from top carriers

Insurance for employees, customers and members

Valuable, relevant coverage at affordable rates

Flexible benefits to suit a variety of needs

End-user funded for organizational savings

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Partners to the world’s top brands
Delivered at a global scale

Fortune Global 500 companies trust Augeo





Building loyalty through
meaningful benefits

Protect your people

We merge technology and experience to drive increased value and brand affinity from your benefits offering.

Practical & meaningful

Foster loyalty through tangible benefits

Investing in the wellbeing of your constituents is a meaningful way to demonstrate that you care about your employees, customers and members.


  End-user funded
  Enrich your benefits package
  Let your people know they are valued
  Attract top talent

Member advantages

  Valuable coverage at affordable rates
  Flexible benefit options to fit all needs
  Fill in gaps in major medical coverage
  Confidence the benefits have been vetted

High value, low cost

Wide-spectrum coverage
with extensive optionality

Best-in-class insurances and voluntary benefits for everyone, everywhere. Better health outcomes and increased affinity for your brand is a win-win.

Major & limited medical insurance
Dental insurance
Vision insurance
Cancer & critical illness insurance
Home & auto insurance
Accident insurance
Long-term care insurance
Life & disability insurance
Pet insurance
of employers report that offering insurance benefits advances recruitment
of employees say that health insurance is extremely important to them
average savings per employee for businesses that offer insurance
Seamless, hassle-free

Intuitive & integrated technology

Eliminate the burden of complex administration to increase efficiency and reduce expenses. Streamlined integration and operation of insurances and voluntary benefits offers numerous benefits for your audience.

Synergistic solutions

Elevate your strategy

Diversify your portfolio of tools to deliver experiences across industries and verticals.

Customer Loyalty

Increase purchasing, drive engagement and promote brand affinity with unparalleled incentives, rewards and benefits.

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Workplace Engagement

Redefine workplace engagement, productivity and retention strategies with the ultimate employee experience platform.

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Sales Incentives

Drive peak performance and motivate extra effort through platform-based incentives, promotions and rewards.

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Tokenized Loyalty

Revolutionize reward delivery and redemption experiences through tokenization and digital wallets.

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Spark innovation. Fuel your imagination.

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