Catalyze enduring brand affinity

A suite of integrated technologies that accelerate engagement through modular innovation.

Strategy & engineering converge to deliver impact across industries

Product enrichment

At the intersection of UX and ingenuity, our ancillary and additive technologies deliver breakthrough value.

New & now
Foundational innovations
Artificial intelligence

Elevating people experiences through responsible AI

At the intersection of the human experience and the limitless potential of artificial intelligence, Augeo is revolutionizing engagement technologies.

Through personalized, generative and autonomous AI, we are advancing a new era of consumer and employee activation—leveraging the most secure, private and compliant solutions to design and deliver extraordinary data-driven brand experiences for our clients.

Open Loyalty™

Inspiring a new era of loyalty enabled by blockchain technology

Connecting your audience to a new world eager to discover.​

Ownable digital assets

Make engagement more meaningful with personalized, dynamic digital assets.

Shareable experiences

Extend participation and accelerate growth and engagement through community.

Cross-brand collaborations

Drive acquisition and deliver greater value through partnership opportunities.

An expansive selection of digital assets

Dive into a vast ocean of new, eager, digital asset enthusiasts, with millions awaiting your collection.

Unlock a digital goldmine.
Unlock a digital goldmine.
Loyalty memberships held by U.S. consumers
In reward points and miles​ issued annually​
Of consumers see rewards as an easy entry point into digital assets​
Shareable rewards

A powerful new way to multiply the impact of rewards

Enable your audience to share any type of reward to others, adding digital sharing capability to your entire redemption catalog​.

You win

•   A powerful new customer referral channel​
•   Turn rewards into personalized gifting experiences
•   ​Identify influencers and amplify sharing​

Your audience wins

•   Extend your benefits to the people you care about​
•   Turn dormant rewards into memorable moments
•   Get recognized for sharing the love​

Connection technology

Build an empowered organization

Connect individuals to the most relevant opportunities and people throughout your network.

Dynamic profiles

Enable users to find and connect with the right people at the right time based on skills, roles and clients using intelligent search.


Networking groups

Provide dedicated digital spaces where employees, customers, members, channel partners, subscribers or attendees can connect based on shared interests.


Social architecture

Ignite communication and engagement with interactive newsfeeds and posting abilities inspired by popular social media platforms.


Opportunity hub

Create a network that empowers your users to
thrive by connecting them to relevant people and
opportunities throughout your community.


Cross-dimensional insights

Unlock actionable insights through data intelligence

We’ll help you set in motion a transformative and perpetual cycle of improvement that drives innovation across user journeys.

Identify growth opportunities.
Identify growth opportunities.
Social Activation

Innovative social platform technology solutions

Leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms to promote brand relationships with consumers through platforms like Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat and Twitter.

Brand advocate

Brand Advocate serves as the ultimate platform to amplify the passion of your brand enthusiasts, utilizing brand-safe and privacy-first AI technology to generate authentic and captivating content at scale.


Advertising optimization

Advance your advertising performance across the leading social platforms with proprietary AI-powered optimization technology.


Data collaboration

Share and monetize your first-party data to access valuable audiences and create more compelling consumer experiences.



Public service campaign

A unique collaboration of top Olympic and professional athletes helped attract and engage millions of uninsured young people​.

A higher purpose

The White House backed, GamePlan4Me leveraged sports personalities to heighten the need for healthcare planning and preparedness among young Americans, ages 18 to 35.


Pro athlete game plans

25+ athletes, including Kobe Bryant, Michelle Wie, Victor Cruz and more, discussed the importance of having a game plan for life and how their game plans guided their careers.



Integrated games provided a fun, gentle pathway to health care insurance acquisition options.



An immersive fan experience

A fun, competitive and rewarding experience that increased fan viewership, sponsor activity and merchandise sales through gamification strategies.

Social integration

Full integration of diverse social media channels, seamless social sign-in, rewards for social media interaction, photo contests and promotions.

Relevant rewards

Fans earned points for check-ins, posts, likes and sharing—with recognition leaderboards and an extensive points redemption engine.

Mobile differentiation

Location-based marketing delivered proximity check-ins, mobile-specific contests and game-day specials through our dedicated sponsor network.

Gamified interactivity

Pick-points games, in-stadium contests, game-day check-ins, Jumbotron integration and more drove participation across communities of fans.


Card-linked offer technology

The combination of friction-less technology coupled with a massive card base, extensive advertiser content and multiple publisher distribution channels, created incredible reach and expansive growth.

in annual transaction volume​
linked cards

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