Juliann Gilbert

Chief Marketing Officer, Augeo and President, Workplace Engagement

Juli is a passionate marketing, communications and product leader with over a decade of experience in the loyalty and engagement industries. She is responsible for marketing programs, brand management, public relations, communications and corporate initiatives.

Hyper focused on growth, Juli is immersed in the brand, company strategy, market research, transformation of engagement ecosystems and inspiring evolution through contemporary innovations. She leads the marketing team and provides strategic direction focused on digital marketing approach, planning, execution and analysis across Augeo's core business units—notably Workplace Engagement.

Leveraging data and analytics, Juli is constantly thinking about what's next. She has successfully implemented loyalty and engagement solutions across Augeo for hundreds of clients, primarily Fortune Global 500 companies.

Prior to Augeo, Juli developed and implemented marketing strategies for financial institution loyalty programs and attended St. Ambrose University, double majoring with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Management and a minor in Organizational Leadership.