Engage employees, enrich culture

Organizations that celebrate employees through a recognition program can expect increased productivity, a more positive workplace, more motivated employees and improved retention of talent.
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Our all-in-one platform

Encore is a highly configurable, flexible platform with features designed to encourage engagement, inspire recognition and align priorities. Encore brings together the tools to help organizations build stronger work relationships between co-workers and leadership. It’s also the first ISO 10018 Certified enterprise engagement technology in the world.

Global recognition

Peer-to-peer eCards, Snap cards, Ignite ideas, badges and contests all from our responsive platform.

Relevant rewards

The best rewards are those that are personally meaningful. Our extensive curated collection of digital gift cards, merchandise, experiences, social causes and more, deliver rewards that will matter to your employees.

Gamified reward bonuses

Use "power-ups" to create greater impact and add some fun to your rewards program. A gamified "boost" like "spin to win" can entertain and elevate engagement.

Insights & analytics

Our powerful dashboards will give you insight into what's working and who is leaning in. Managers can leverage data to help navigate challenges more adeptly.


An integrated suite of connectivity tools

Experience a new level of productivity and connection for remote and distributed teams. Our tools help to solve problems faster, empower your people and drive growth.

Powerful people search

Enable everyone in the company to get to know anyone in seconds. Looking for specific experience or a specialized skill? The connectivity suite includes a smart search people directory to locate the right resource, right away.

Social dialogue

Kudos, shout outs and congrats motivate employees and make them feel appreciated. Achievements, special accomplishments and milestones can be shared with small groups or company-wide.

Aligned communities

Employees can align around interests, workstreams, values and more with our flexible group functionality. Form, join and share easily to create networks of opportunity.

People insights

Give your people a secure format to share innovative ideas, address challenges, understand each other and better connect with co-workers. Our connectivity tools help leaders advance understanding and gain insight into how to make work, work better.

global offerings

Virtual rewards

Remote working is the new normal. Ensure that work-from-home
employees feel connected. We offer hundreds of digital gift cards,
from top merchants.

Real-time delivery
Bulk ordering

global offerings

Experiential rewards

Experiential rewards show employees you really care about
enriching their lives. They leave a lasting impression that will fuel
long-lasting emotional loyalty.

Bucket-list experiences
VIP events
First access to new products
Wall of fame

Virtual rewards

Make remote workers feel
right at home

Make sure that all employees feel connected, appreciated and
celebrated with digital gift cards from top merchants. Around the
country or across the globe, reward employees with rewards that
can be used anywhere, anytime.

Integrations & API

We play well with others

Our API allows you to connect our platform to a variety of tools your team already uses.
Plus, you can use your existing software to SSO into our platform instantly and securely.
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Keep your sales teams & channel partners motivated

Sales Incentives

Drive peak performance and motivate extra effort through platform-based incentives, promotions and rewards.

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Channel Loyalty

Enrich partner relationships and strengthen brand affinity through an integrated ecosystem of valuable solutions.

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