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Consensus: Top takeaways on the future of crypto for consumers

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This year, the Augeo team was excited to attend one of the most influential event experiences in the cryptocurrency industry—Consensus. Curated and produced by CoinDesk, one of the most trusted names in crypto journalism, Consensus is the only event to showcase and celebrate all sides of the blockchain.

It's also the place to be for those who are shaping the future of crypto.

Joined by top developers, creators, investors, policymakers, executives and academics from around the world to participate in an exchange of fresh perspectives and insights, our team was on the ground in Austin, Texas—and we're bringing you our top takeaways.

Organizations must evolve to meet the moment

Consensus was a remarkable experience that brought together the brightest minds in the industry. The energy was inspiring, and it was a joy to engage with those most passionate about blockchain, finance, investing, NFTs, Web3, DeFi and the metaverse—including relevant dialogues on how consumer demand is driving much of the innovation we see today.

Given that consumer demand for digital currencies is skyrocketing across industries, the need for organizations to adapt in order to survive in the age of cryptocurrency is a hot topic. There is a measure of evolution driven by innovation that is both essential and inevitable.

However, successful organizations will capture opportunities to not only survive in the age of digital currencies—but thrive. At Augeo, we have embraced the notion of cryptocurrency and are transforming the loyalty marketplace by bringing crypto experiences to employees, customers and members through our cryptocurrency loyalty and experience platform.

How can an organization get started when seeking to capitalize on the unprecedented consumer demand for relevant crypto experiences? To meet the moment, organizations must invest in the right technological infrastructures—or leverage the power of existing technologies to accelerate their desired outcomes.

What is one point that the experts agree on? The time to leverage cryptocurrency is now.

Augeo's Ken Greer (Chief Innovation Officer) and Stephen Sonkin (Director, Strategy) in attendance at Consensus in Austin, Texas.

Crypto experiences must be accessible to those beginning their journey

A prominent area of our discussions at Consensus centered around the concept of accessibility. Organizations seeking to provide their employees, customers and members with access to innovative cryptocurrency experiences often target crypto connoisseurs—those most knowledgeable about the world of blockchain and decentralized, digital currencies such as crypto.

Exclusively targeting this niche group is a missed opportunity.

Today, cryptocurrency accessibility remains the main barrier to crypto adoption across the globe—inhibited by a lack of financial and crypto literacy that is propelled in part by technostress and the overuse of jargon.¹ In fact, surveys indicate that only 4% of the U.S. population can be considered literate in crypto.² That statistic should be top of mind for every company seeking to engage consumers with crypto experiences.

What can organizations do to introduce their audience of employees, customers and members to crypto in a way that resonates? Educate them.

We designed Heaps℠ to be a compelling entry point for every audience, providing consumers with instant access to educational tools that help kickstart their crypto journey with confidence. Curated with loyalty program users in mind, the comprehensive platform enables the redemption of points, cash-back rewards and other loyalty currencies for leading cryptocurrencies—a differentiator that encourages beginners to experiment with crypto using their points.

Heaps℠ is an integrated cryptocurrency platform for consumers, employees and members participating in loyalty rewards programs.

For more advanced consumers who are already familiar with cryptocurrency basics, the platform enables users to directly purchase crypto with cash and through recurring deposits. It also offers a best-in-class offer marketplace in which consumers can earn crypto-back rewards on their spending across 30,000+ local, national and online merchants.

Want to learn more about how to transform your loyalty and engagement strategy with crypto experiences? Let's connect.

Thank you to CoinDesk and the Consensus team for curating and producing a spectacular event experience. We look forward to joining you again next year!

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² Crypto Literacy

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