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Consumer demand for crypto experiences is surging—are you ready?

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In the competitive world of consumer loyalty and engagement, leaders across industries seeking to promote brand affinity through meaningful engagement experiences must be visionary and proactive in their ability to secure a differential advantage for their organization. Enter a prominent topic with surging demand and interest: cryptocurrency.

You know what it is, and you may even have a personal stake in the crypto marketplace—but what does crypto have to do with loyalty and engagement?


Loyalty rewards represent a compelling entry point into crypto for consumers.

Sink or swim—it really is that simple.

Consumers are always on the lookout for the next best thing. They want bigger rewards, better perks and more engaging experiences relevant to their preferences, priorities and perspectives. And considering today’s consumers are faced with unprecedented optionality and access to newness throughout the marketplace, it’s hard to fault their desire for the latest and greatest—especially as consumers, ourselves.

It is the responsibility of every (smart) organization to meet consumers where they are, through 3 basic principles:

  • Compelling product innovation
  • Elevated consumer or membership value
  • Exclusive and relevant experiences

And that’s exactly what crypto brings to the table.

Compelling crypto statistics demand the attention of organizations worldwide.

Give the people what they want and need.

Did you know that cryptocurrency adoption is up 881% in the past year¹—with an estimated 300 million cryptocurrency users across the globe² and over 50 million Americans expected to buy crypto in the next 12 months³ alone? The fact of the matter is consumer interest in crypto is skyrocketing. And the time to invest in and capitalize on this global phenomenon for the sake of your consumers is right now.

Instead of trying to shoehorn loyalty and engagement into the crypto marketplace, do what we did: Bring the crypto exchange to the loyalty marketplace with one simple integration—and make it accessible, informative, engaging and rewarding.

Your consumers and members will thank you with their increased brand love and sustained engagement.

Elevate your suite of loyalty offerings with crypto.

Loyalty rewards represent a compelling entry point into crypto for consumers. At Augeo, we developed Heaps℠—an integrated cryptocurrency platform for consumers, employees and members participating in loyalty rewards programs.

“Surging consumer interest in cryptocurrency has created tremendous opportunities for brands to elevate engagement with their customers, members and employees,” says Augeo Founder and CEO David Kristal. “By leveraging the billions of dollars of unredeemed loyalty rewards, we are making cryptocurrency more accessible to new audiences.”

In collaboration with Prime Trust, a leading digital asset infrastructure provider trusted by major institutions worldwide, Heaps provides enterprises with a competitive advantage through an elevated and differentiated crypto experience. Users benefit from Heaps as a place to begin participating and investing in crypto:

  • Buy cryptocurrency with points or cash
  • Store digital assets in a secure wallet
  • Track portfolio performance
  • Learn about the world of crypto
  • Earn crypto within the Heaps marketplace
  • Research top coins and follow industry news

Crypto loyalty experiences must be accessible, informative, engaging and rewarding.

Discover the next generation of crypto experiences.

Heaps provides unique loyalty program benefits, enabling your organization to:

  • Attract new customers interested in compelling, easy-entry crypto products
  • Generate new revenue from points-to-crypto exchange fees
  • Drive more spend and inspire ongoing participation through crypto rewards and the Heaps marketplace
  • Offer a comprehensive crypto ecosystem with seamless integration into your program

This innovative product also offers compelling consumer benefits, empowering your members to:

  • Enter the crypto market with ease by using loyalty program rewards
  • Achieve potential financial gain by turning points into crypto assets that can appreciate
  • Build portfolio value every time you spend through crypto-back rewards that stack on top of existing debit and credit card programs
  • Learn, invest and earn all in one comprehensive platform

“Rewards create a compelling entry point for consumers getting into cryptocurrency,” says Peter Schultze, Augeo Vice President, Crypto Loyalty. “Heaps makes it easy for users to buy crypto with points or cash, store digital assets in a secure wallet, track portfolio performance, learn about crypto investing, and even earn crypto-back on their purchases at thousands of popular brands through the Heaps marketplace.”

Convert points, buy crypto, earn crypto—it’s that simple. For more information about crypto loyalty and how Heaps can transform your loyalty and engagement strategy, reach out to us.

¹ CNBC | This map shows where cryptocurrency is taking off around the world | August 2021

² Gemini | The State of U.S. Crypto Report | December 2021

³ The Ascent | Study: Over 50Million Americans Likely to Buy Crypto in the Next Year | May 2021

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